Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: 23 – 30 September

A new week brings us a new round of fresh and amazing news. Let’s check them together.

Ford And Lyft Will Work Together For Self-Driving Cars

The fact that in a few years all Lyft rides will be made by autonomous cars isn’t a novelty anymore for our readers. We already told you that Lyft wants to create its self-driving technology, while the association with several giants in automobile industry means that Lyft also considers building a platform for deploying their autonomous cars. These plans will become reality by 2021 with the new partnership between Lyft and Ford. The Verge shares more details about this collaboration and about the way Lyft will manage its business along with the well-known rivalry between Ford and General Motors.

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App Annie Says It Is Better To Focus On Apps Than Mobile Web

Every mobile marketer faces a great dilemma. Which place is better for promoting different products, apps or mobile web? We also wrote about this concern, presenting you the advantages and disadvantages of both methods but leaving you to decide which one is better for your strategy. Now it seems that App Annie has the answer and it says that it is better to concentrate your energy on mobile apps. Well, when App Annie says something we all must listen, don’t we? But if you still need reasons here they are.

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Facebook Has Improved To Find Blood Donors In India

Did you know that 1 October is the National Blood Donor Day in India? This is also the day when Facebook launches a new tool which will connect blood donors with the patients from this country who desperately need help. Observing the efforts made on the social network to combat this shortage, a team from Facebook considered helping them by showing a message in News Feed or by allowing people to edit their Profiles regarding this aspect. This feature will be available on the most common platforms in India, which are Android devices and mobile web. Making the process a lot easier will convince users to become blood donors. Way to go, Facebook!

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Nokia 3310 Will Come Onto The Market With 3G

Who doesn’t remember Nokia 3310? The joy we felt when we bragged with our new phone in front of our friends more than 15 years ago. For most of us, this phenomenon happened during high school so this gadget brought us a lot of popularity. But years have passed and now we are ready to meet the new and improved version of this device created by HMD Global. Due to 3G technology users will be able to follow their friends on Twitter, Facebook or Skype. If you want to bring back some old memories then you should read the entire article published by TechCrunch.

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Video Is The Key For Instagram Advertisers With 2X Growth

Taking into account that in February, last year Instagram had 200,000 advertisers, now the platform announced that it grew with more than 900% reaching 2 million monthly advertisers. This is a very important milestone for Instagram since a lot of resources were invested in attracting more and more businesses to create engaging content for promoting their products. It appears that the real secret behind this huge success is the video format. If you want to discover more details about the best strategies used by famous brands we recommend you to read the blog post published a few days ago.

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AI Is The Best Way To Prevent And Stop Ad Fraud

We promised you to keep you up to date with the new weapons which appear against ad fraud and this is a good moment to mention artificial intelligence for this purpose. Juniper Research announced that this technology is the most powerful tool to detect and to eliminate ad fraud. If you are interested (and you certainly are) in finding more about the reason why advertisers will lose $44 billion by 2022 and the way AI will help them save their money read the entire article which appeared in Media Post.

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Google And Levi’s Collaborate For A Jacket ‘Connected’ Which Will Appear In Stores Soon

Let’s put it this way. It is autumn so you should be prepared for bad weather. Why don’t you try the new jacket from Levi’s? No, we didn’t become a fashion blog. But, if there is something we enjoy more than talking about mobile apps is to discover more and more innovative technologies that blow everybody’s minds. This must – have item for trendy tech lovers was created by Google’s ATAP team and it contains a smart fabric which uses your actions for sending all types of information to your mobile device. Commuter Trucker Jacket comes with a price, almost $150 and it is available in stores. Read all about it in TechCrunch.

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Final Thoughts

So, keep in mind to:

  • Set a reminder for 2021 when Lyft and Ford will provide autonomous cars every time you will need a ride.
  • Learn from App Annie when it says that you need to focus more on mobile apps than mobile web.
  • Spread the word about the new feature from Facebook for blood donors in India.
  • Check the new version of your Nokia 3310.
  • Get inspired by the advertisers’ platform of Instagram.
  • Take advantage of AI features for fighting against mobile ad fraud.
  • Make sure you follow the fashion trends and you purchase the new smart jacket created by Google and Levi’s.
  • Respond to the challenge created by App Samurai and win $2000.

And, have an amazing weekend!

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