The Secret Sauce of ROI-Positive App Advertising

Ad Fraud Protection

Ad Fraud is a huge problem because it determines additional costs for both mobile marketers and app owners. It is a real challenge to take measures against this phenomenon. You must consider all the strategies available to avoid it and to fight against ad fraud generators otherwise it may cost you thousands of dollars.

Finding The Best Publishers

A successful mobile advertising strategy needs multi-channel marketing approach. It is crucial to find out the best mobile ad publishers for your app and make a good mixture of them to drive the highest quality.

Plan, Execute & Analyze

Mobile ad planning, execution and analysis are the keystones of running successful mobile ad campaigns. It delivers better results and create happy customers. You need to have clear goals, well-thought strategy and relevant app marketing tools pave your way to success.

Brand Awareness

Attract and Engage your audience with your fascinating brand story!

We are dedicated to understand the people behind the mobile screen to captivate them with your brand stories and more to help you deliver the right messaging at the right time!

Creative Studio

Our creative studio enables us to use the most innovative and impactful ad formats to ensure an elevated user experience and a high level of engagement.

User Acquisition Platform

Achieve your performance goals by discovering right users at right moments!

Our targeting capabilities are powered by App Samurai AI, meaning that you only spend your budget on consumers you care about.

Transparent Platform

We are an integrated platform that connects advertisers with publishers to reach the right mobile user with the right message at the right time in a secure way with full transparency.

Programmatic Campaigns

Global Reach

App Samurai has no barriers! We help app marketers around the world and let them reach to most engaged users from all around world with high volume campaigns!

Data Driven Approach

Acquire users with high LTV by engaging an audience targeted by a more data-driven granulated approach.

Retargeting Campaigns

Re-engage Customers

In virtue of our rich aggregated data and interactive ad creative studio, we help you to re-engage your customers at the right time with the most engaging ad formats.


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