How To Promote Your App With User Generated Content

If you own an app you probably heard about User Generated Content (UGC) but you are not sure why it is important. Let’s see what it is, first. By looking at its name we discover the definition. User Generated Content is a form of content (text, images, video) provided (generated) by users of your product. It is a great tool to increase engagement and to make people speak about your app. It is even easier to implement this strategy for apps because users can take photos or make videos and send them in an instant with their phone devices. To understand it better, let’s cover the most popular types of content received from users.

  • It is in our nature to express our opinion regarding any topic. Give people something to talk about and they will be happy to share their thoughts. The good thing is that comments bring other comments. It generates a chain reaction and if you manage everything wisely you will earn a lot of engagement.
  • How many times did you stop in the middle of an event because you remembered to take a picture? Nowadays, we can’t be happy anymore if we don’t immortalize that feeling. Photos related to your app will increase your popularity.
  • People love to share snippets of their life. If you connect that fact with your app, then you have a winner.


The Benefits Of User Generated Content

For any marketer, it is highly recommendable to take advantage of all source and methods available to promote the app. And User Generated Content is a strategy that worth attention for many reasons, mainly because it is the most influential among the mobile adepts as the following Infographic shows:

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So, you should try your skills with User Generated Content because:

  • It provides authentic elements to your app. Some statistics reveals that 78% of millennials prefer photos of real customers over professional photos created by brands.
  • It creates a relationship between user and brand. Making users part of the whole experience will increase their trust in your company. It is not enough to show them an app, you need to connect with them.
  • It offers personalization for every user. Who doesn’t want to feel special when using a product? This is the consequence of User Generated Content. Everybody brings in the community what makes him special.
  • It helps you to increase engagement. Involving users in your campaigns you convince them to use your app over and over again.
  • Relatively inexpensive solution. User Generated Content could be an alternative to professional content. It could be a solution to create a contest or to offer digital incentives to users for providing content which will increase your retention than to invest in professional graphic designers.
  • It reaches more possible users. If you generate word of mouth you will increase conversion and who can market your app better than your users?


Best Practices Of User Generated Content

It is very tricky to create a User Generated Content strategy if you want your customers to catch its spirit. They shouldn’t feel that you are promoting your app, but that you are giving them reasons to socialize with other users. For this motive we gathered some practices which can help you.

  • Create a community. This is the secret of spreading the word about your app. If you gather users around your app and you convince them to share their feelings in a positive way, then you are on the right track.
  • Be original. Authenticity is the key. Don’t copy other brands’ campaign just because you admired it. Use your imagination and think about what you would like to offer to your users and what they will enjoy related to your application.
  • Be creative. Anything goes as long as it is relevant to your app. Understand your users and invent something that you know they will love.
  • Don’t be boring. If you can’t reach their expectations it is better to think about other forms of promotion, because you will do more harm than good.
  • Keep the control. It is very easy to lose the control when the wave of responses to your action will start to come. Manage them in a smart manner and drive them in the right direction.
  • Personal touch. You need to be involved in all the process and to create an interactive relation. If you just throw a simple thought and then you wait for the results to come you should know it doesn’t work like that.
  • It is all about emotions. Whether you choose to create a funny campaign or a sentimental one, you need to look for users’ passions. Be focused on the message and they will appreciate your thoughtful actions.

Successful Examples

Now, that we understood what is all about User Generated Content, let’s see some amazing campaigns that touched the world.

  1. Owaves, a wellness planning app which helps users calculate how much time they spent during a day doing some activities, created a campaign called “Share your O”. They reached athletes, Olympians or other influencers to convince them to join the competition. Users that gathered the most likes after they shared a video with their activities won the $100 gift cards. The result was great because the app gains more than 120% increase in daily actions.
    Image Source:

    Image Source:

  2. Blizzard Entertainment used the UGC strategy for the launching of their game “Heroes of the Storm” encouraging people to upload their own creation with an avatar for the game. The company offered their fans trailers of the game and they created a live event in the day of launch which was a success with the buzz created before.
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  3. Coca – Cola’s popular campaign “Share a Coke” which started in 2011 with different labels on the bottle with names was so successfully that generated another campaign “Share a Coke and a Song” with 70 famous song lyrics. They collaborated with Shazam to convince users to scan the lyrics printed on the bottles and to load them on Shazam app. After that they had to record a digital lip – sync video and share it on social media with the hashtag #ShareaCoke.  Fans enjoyed the launch of the program with a Coca Cola Music concert in Houston.


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Final Thoughts

If you want to move things around with your app think about User Generated Content. An inspiring campaign will make the difference between a successful brand and a mediocre one. Make people talk about your app and you win the two elements that are essential for your app’s triumph: user acquisition and user retention.

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