How To Promote Weather Apps

Weather apps… Probably every mobile user on this planet has a weather app installed. But which one? And what can you do to convince as many customers as possible that your weather app is a must – have for them? It is difficult to prove that your app is better, but don’t lose your hope! There are certain solutions that will help you reach the wanted audience. Just follow our hints!

Business Model

When there are so many apps like yours it is difficult to find a way to monetize your creation. The solution is to look over the fence and to check the strategy adopted by other app owners. App Annie allows us to observe the situation from the United States for iOS and Android users. Things are very simple for both platforms. Famous weather channels offer their apps for free with certain in – app purchases. In the paid section we can see pro versions of popular weather apps and the list of top grossing apps shows us that some paid apps became users’ favorite weather companions. The truth is that this solution works best for iOS users, as we expected.

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How To Promote Weather Apps

Let’s face it! It isn’t that hard to promote a weather app if you think that everybody wants to know how to dress or if it is a good time for picnic. The real challenge is to meet users’ demands and to offer them the exact information they need.

Thick Fog

Fog is very frustrating. Nobody likes it because it causes delays and many unpleasant situations. The same thing happens with the data you provide. If the information is unclear and it doesn’t match the reality then it is pointless to continue with the theory about how to promote an app. If this is not your case then feel free to go to the next step. But for those who realize that their app is cluttered they should be aware that they need to organize it in a better way. When users aren’t satisfied with the product they receive, you will lose too many resources if you continue to spread the word about your app. Take your time and make your app perfect. Analyze your users’ opinions and be sure that they are pleased with the results. After that, you can search for a method to acquire new users. Meanwhile we will leave here an example with an app that does what it says. Weather Live shows real – time weather conditions.

Your Place In The Sun

Stop worrying that there are too many weather apps available on the app stores and start doing something to stand out of the crowd. Remember how Carrot Weather did it? We don’t mean to think about posting jokes inside your app. But when there are hundreds of competitors out there, you need to be clever and to find a creative way to shine. A great solution is to focus on a certain category of users. Of course, you will have a smaller audience than if you would target every person interested in the weather conditions but you will build a community of loyal customers who will bring their friends into the app. Think about that for a moment! Would you like to address a big number of users without precise results or would you prefer to concentrate your efforts on a smaller group of customers who will appreciate your work? Check Surfline and you will understand why it is surfers’ favorite app.


Weather apps represent one of those categories that make push notifications a mandatory feature for a great user experience. But it is one thing to send some notifications to your users and another thing to personalize your messages tailored to their interests. With these modern solutions it is very easy to impress your audience and to make your app a habit whenever they need to make plans for the rest of the day. You have the power to create a trustful friend for your users, one that sends reminders according to their profiles. Keep in mind that there are many topics related to the weather conditions and you should connect with your customers in the moment they want to solve certain concerns. And why not doing that in a fun and innovative way? Poncho is the wake up weather app which shares allergy info, horoscopes, transit delays and other personalized content additionally to rain alerts and severe weather warnings.

Local Weather

It is time to put yourself in your users’ shoes (or boots if it is cloudy outside!). What’s the point of viewing the forecasts for the big cities when I live in a small and quiet village? I love peaceful places but I enjoy using mobile apps. And I still need to know if it is going to rain in the next hours in my area. A good solution which will impress me would be an app that tells me if I can start my work in the garden or if it is better to search for some interesting indoor activities. And better than that would be if I can find what I want after a few taps (take another look at the first step of this guide!). The perfect app, regardless its category, is the one that takes care of its users and helps them to make the best decisions. A good example here is Weather Underground.

Final Thoughts

You see? It wasn’t that complicated, was it? If you organize the information provided and you add a special feature to your app then your users will be happy with your service. In the same time you need to be careful with the messages you send and to personalize your app according to your users’ location. There are certain requirements when it comes to weather apps but if you take into account customers’ feedbacks you will know what to do. And ask our help if you encounter any challenges when you promote your weather app!

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