How To Promote Trivia Apps

Trivia games are very appreciated by mobile users because they allow them to spend their time on mobile without feeling guilty that they procrastinate instead of doing something more useful. This fact represents a great advantage for trivia app owners, but at the same time, it is very challenging to convince users that your app is the best in its category. Then again, that’s why we are here, to give you the right answers for your dilemma.

Business Model

Usually, this is the section where we analyze App Annie’s charts and notice the strategies applied by your competitors. This time we will check directly the app stores for more detailed observations. We will talk about trivia games preferred by users in the United States and available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For this category of games, rules are very simple. The most popular apps are free and offer a paid version without ads and with premium features. Freemium model works very well in this case because users are tempted to download this subcategory of games when they have some free time and they want to try something new. In case they constantly return to the game, they can be convinced to purchase certain in-app items. The condition is to make your app interesting enough to have players coming back and for this process you can find inspiration in one of our tutorials, Exploiting The Mechanism Of Addiction For Mobile Game Developers. But before applying the methods described in the article we should highlight that all your efforts are useless if your advertising strategy implies intrusive and annoying formats. If you want to avoid bad reviews and to maximize the chances to increase your retention rates focus on providing the right context and personalized ads.

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How To Promote Trivia Apps

Note down the following key points and take your time to integrate them into your app.

Choose A Category

Let’s start with the most obvious advice and that is to step out of the crowd. It is useless to mention how many apps like yours are available on the market. So, we won’t do that. Instead, we are going to suggest focusing on a special type of quiz. While providing general questions about everything means to attract all types of users, this method could be not as efficient as it seems, because you need to fight against other popular apps. It is more important to find a niche and big groups of users who will enjoy certain categories. For example, Popcorn Trivia does a great job to attract movie lovers. They say that the game is very addictive and everybody is happy. So it represents a good reason for customers to spend time with family and friends. People don’t gather together only to watch movies but also to play the game.

What About Opponents?

In a trivia game, the opponents are very important because they create that specific atmosphere for each user. Of course, there are also users who prefer to play it without opponents but you need to make sure that you satisfy all your customers’ preferences. Moreover, social becomes a must-have feature in every app, no matter its category. When you allow users to interact with one another you will observe that their interest for the game is even higher. They will continue to open the app to check what other players did so far and to communicate with them. It is a natural behavior and you need to implement the necessary tools for providing this connection between players. Just take a look at QuizUp and see how its creators found the perfect solution to create profiles for all players and to personalize each customer journey.

Challenging Questions

The worst – case scenario when we talk about trivia games is to hear users complaining that your game is boring. In order to avoid that, you have to find a way to engage them in a competition. People like to see their name on a leaderboard. So, allow them to brag about their results. Adding interesting features never seen before isn’t an easy task but you need to be creative and to impress your audience with unique elements. Maybe that is the reason why Trivia Crack is so popular. For every category, a special character will help users prove how smart they are and more important the game allows them to create new questions. Even the wheel that decides the starting point for the player has its own name: Willy. Moreover, tournaments, treasure hunts and other missions are available for making the adventure more interesting.

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How Fun Is It

Now, remember that you are not a teacher and your app isn’t a school test. You need to be sure that users don’t feel frustrated or annoyed by your gameplay. Make it fun and allow them to enjoy every minute of it. Keep in mind that many players open the game during a break or when they want to relax. Don’t ruin that moment for them. When you offer an amusing experience people will show positive reactions. If this is not your case and your game is really extraordinary you can attract users with playable ads. They represent a great way to show them how interesting is your product and to intrigue them with the questions offered by the app. Speaking about fun trivia games, a good example is 94 Degrees with a hilarious lizard that encourages users to play it again and again.

Final Thoughts

Marketing a trivia game is a challenge with multiple questions. The trick is to get creative and to take advantage of the knowledge accumulated so far for finding the right answers. Remember that competition is the main element which convinces users to continue their adventure. In the same time, there are various solutions for promoting your product but you need to consider your users’ opinions and to implement certain features which allow you to create an awesome experience for them.

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