How To Promote Tools And Utility Apps

What is the main reason why people use mobile apps? Exactly, because they make our lives easier! Well, most of them. And this aspect is really powerful for a certain category of apps which helps users to complete certain tasks in a more interesting manner.

Business Model

Let’s see what App Annie has to say about this type of apps which allows users from the United States to improve the way they handle various activities. There are two different names for this category of apps, Utilities on Apple App Store and Tools on Google Play Store. The trend is similar for both markets but for Android apps is more visible. Most of the apps in the Free section are completely free and in the Paid list there are professional versions of the same apps. Meanwhile, top Grossing apps offer also premium features, as usual. Freemium model is recommended in this case. Our advice is to survey your audience and to figure out if they want to try first the basic solution or if they are ready to pay for your product in the moment they install it.

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Google Play top utility apps on U.S.

iOS top utility apps on U.S.


How To Promote Tools And Utility Apps

Tools and Utilities offer a huge diversity when it comes to talk about the features provided by mobile apps integrated into these categories. Since there isn’t a general formula we will try to highlight the most important elements which attract users and convince them to download this type of apps.

It Is All About Security

Before we start, just look again at the top grossing apps on Google Play Store. It is the proof that customers need privacy more than anything. That is a must for all types of apps but when we focus on Tools and Utilities, it is important to mention this aspect. People expect to have an app that does everything for them: it protects their device, it hides private photos, it allows them to find their phone if it gets stolen and to remove all those unwanted files. There are many products which match this description but we will mention here Avast Mobile Security, which offers great performances. The ones that use it for Windows know what we are talking about. If you offer a flawless app then you can be sure that you win your customers’ trust.

Easy To Use Tool

In order to make sure that your app offers the best experience, you should analyze the way your customers use your app. The time spent inside of your app isn’t a relevant metric to measure in this case. Users prefer to enter the app, solve their problems and continue with their daily activities. If they get stuck, it is a big sign for you to improve your product. Start listening users demands and act accordingly. If your app allows them to get things done in a fast and interesting way then users will be happy to use it. For example, take a look at All Smart Tools. It is amazing how many tools are integrated into a single app. Now users don’t have to switch between apps anymore. From QR code scanner to wallpapers and from level calibration to app list, this app offers all the information customers need.


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Clean Interface

“Too many ads” is the most common complaint you will find if you browse both app markets. Unfortunately, not ads are the problem. The real concern is the way they are served. If you attack users with all kinds of annoying content then it is no wonder why they uninstall your app without checking all the features first. Utility apps should be … well, useful. But if users are distracted by too many disruptive elements they never get to finish what they started. The conclusion is to find the right balance between monetizing your app and offering the best product for impressing your users. Just check SD Maid PRO – Unlocker and observe all those good reviews from all users even if they paid $3.45 for downloading it. It is just a simple app which helps customers to maintain their phone clean.


So far, so good! After we covered some mandatory steps you need to follow when you want to offer the best product on the market for utility apps, let’s see what you can do further for making your app stand out. Even though it is great to offer a simple way for users to solve various challenges, sadly it is still not enough in this competitive world. You must implement some ingenious elements which will help users to save time and maybe money. It is essential to find the best solutions for improving users’ lives. Who says that only Finance, Productivity and Lifestyle apps can do that? Think outside the box and enhance your app with new features which will amaze your audience. Let’s say that customers need to calculate huge amount of data. Think about how tedious the entire process would be without a modern way to handle this situation. Multi-Screen Voice Calculator does exactly what it says. It helps users to make mathematical operations just by using voice input. And it works also for more calculations at the same time. We keep reminding you that Speech Recognition is very easy to implement and that you should find a way to adapt a classic concept for creating a new and modern app.


Final Thoughts

It isn’t easy to build the handiest mobile tool. But taking into account the plethora of methods available for you to connect with users and to discover all their requirements shouldn’t be that hard, either! As long as your app offers innovative features, allows users to enjoy its clean interface and does everything in a secure manner then you did a great job! And since we are talking about smart tools, App Samurai just launched Go Trace, the best affiliate link testing, and monitoring platform. We invite you to test our amazing product and to share your opinions with us!

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