How To Promote Sports Apps

When sports meet the mobile world, the result is something spectacular, called sports mobile apps. But how to build the best mobile app for users who like to follow sports events? And more important how to make them coming back to your app even when their favorite team is not playing? In case you want to create or you already own an app that targets sports fans you probably need some extra help to reach your audience. Don’t worry because we will list some useful methods to accomplish your users’ expectations.

Business Model

Every club or sports company has its own app. In order to succeed with your creation, you need to observe your competitors and there is no better place to begin than the app markets. As you can see the app stores are very colored when it comes to sports apps. According to the reports published by App Annie for the users in the United States, Apple App Store is almost identical to Google Play Store. This situation was never seen before in our analysis. In the free section, you can observe many aggregator apps that provide different elements for all sports addicts, most of them without in-app purchases. For the paid apps, people prefer sports simulators and apps created by certain radio stations. Apparently, the top-grossing zone is for dedicated apps which offer information about a specific sport and almost all of them chose a freemium business model. So, what kind of app do you have? The answer to this question will show you how to optimize the return on your investment.

Image Source: https://www.appannie.com/en/apps/ios/top/united-states/sports/iphone/


Image Source: https://www.appannie.com/en/apps/google-play/top/united-states/application/sports/



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How To Promote Sports Apps

Now that you decided to which monetization team your app belongs, it is time to discover the best practices you should apply for attracting valuable customers to your app.

What Is Your Favorite Team?

Let’s start with the most obvious requirement when it comes to building a sports app: personalization. There are thousands of apps out there and they all fight to offer everything for their users. You must make your app different. You have to focus on your customers’ interests. Allow them to customize the app according to their favorite team. In that case, everybody wins. You will find out what type of information you should send for every user and they will enjoy your app more if they can change the colors and if they receive what they need. A good example of how to save users’ preferences and to offer them the wanted information is the ESPN app. Keep in mind though providing the best quality especially for live streaming solutions. And it goes without saying to make sure that your app doesn’t crash in front of your users.

Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/espn-live-sports-scores/id317469184?mt=8


What Is The Score?

Let’s face it. People choose certain apps, no matter their category, for the data provided. If they will find inside your app every detail about a game and many useful statistics then your creation will become a must-have for all sports fans. In the same time you need to organize that information in a smart way because it is very important for them to access everything fast and easy. Send users relevant messages about the upcoming sports events and provide them all the details about their favorite team. This is another situation when push notifications are mandatory for building a relationship with users and to bring them back to your app.  Yahoo Sports does a great job with providing scores and detailed analyzes from games.



The Biggest Stories

Besides the data displayed during games, sports fans love to discover many interesting insights about the best players. Just like theScore represents the go-to app for sports fans to find the latest news and other great stories about their favorite team. Make sure that you create a special place inside your app where you can gather all the details which will make users opening your app also between sports competitions. We need to mention here the advantages provided by fantasy sports. These virtual teams of real players convince users to enjoy the app even more. That is the reason why you should constantly inform customers about the best players and about their performances. A real industry was built around this activity so you must take advantage of this phenomenon.

Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/thescore-sports-news-scores/id285692706?mt=8


Great Team Spirit

It is good to provide useful information, it is great to offer live streaming services, but it is fabulous to allow users to communicate their thoughts. Think about that when you build your app. In the same time, you should create a special section where your customers can connect with other people who share the same passion. This makes them feel very important and it provides the feeling that they belong to a strong community. Forza Football is the favorite app of every soccer fanatic because it asks users to express their opinion and to spread it all over the world. We didn’t even mention the positive effect for your app offered by the word of mouth. This strategy is also beneficial when you want to sell various sports products. Before convincing users to buy from your app you probably want to offer them some promotional items that will encourage them to pay attention to your brand.



Final Thoughts

Sports like many other domains reached mobile environment through mobile apps. Sports apps represent handy solutions that allow users to receive the wanted information about their favorite sports team, to watch the games and to connect with other sports fans. The main conclusion from this guide is to take care of your users. They are the ones who decide which app deserves their attention. Make sure your creation is their favorite app when it comes to following the most important sports events. It is mandatory to respect customers’ preferences and to serve them all the data in an engaging manner. Offer them a useful and intuitive app and they will become your loyal users.

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