How To Promote Reference Apps

Smartphones have two main purposes. They help you communicate with people and they provide the information you need when you need it. This second function is more visible with Reference apps. For app owners who want to make their product more captivating for users, give us a few minutes because we will show you how to do that and by the end of this article you will find the right strategy.

Business Model

For the moment, we should look at the business models of top apps in the app stores. We open the latest lists offered by App Annie for users in the United States for Reference apps on Apple App Store and for Books & Reference on Google Play Store. For this type of apps, there isn’t a general rule. Anything goes! You can offer your app for free, users knowing that they will see ads. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you are aware of the benefits of providing the right context. For those who just want to focus on the content offered, you should have a premium version with extra features. But if you have a well-known product, a “pay once, use it forever” app is what users need for taking advantage of the tools provided by your creation. It is your decision since you know best your app and your audience!

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How To Promote Reference Apps

Let’s see what you can do for making your app more interesting and to convince your users that it is the go-to source whenever they need to find out something about a certain topic.


From the beginning, you should know that any technique you apply for promoting your app won’t be so efficient if you don’t take care or your app store page before implementing your strategy. Create a fascinating app icon. Search for the right keywords and integrate them into a smart description. Add a small video which will demonstrate how easy it is to use your app. Try to integrate professional screenshots because it will worth the effort. And don’t forget about the reviews. Remember that customers take into account other users’ point of view when they want to download a trustful app. Make sure that all your users express their positive opinions. If something doesn’t work properly, fix it immediately and let them know that. For a paid app like Wolfram Alpha it is mandatory to have everything mentioned before and if you check its app store page you will be inspired by the great feedback received.


If we took care of your place on the market, now let’s move on to your app. Open it and use it like you’ve never seen it before. Is it simple to understand how it works? How about the content? Is it informative enough? You need to make sure that the information is concise and users don’t get lost in details. In the same time, you should make it clear that they can trust your product whenever they need to find a specific word, an article about nature or answers for their favorite trivia game. Create different categories for every topic and allow them to have fun while they browse through all the content offered by your app. Remember that using it should be a pleasant activity, not a stressful task. For a better understanding of everything we’ve said so far, you should take a look at Encyclopedia of World Knowledge, Science, and History.

Up – To – Date

Another essential aspect you should take care of is to frequently update your app and to modify it according to the latest changes in your domain. If you don’t add recent stories or other interesting facts as they occur, users won’t consider your app next time when they need fresh and advanced content. You don’t have a news app but still, you need to integrate up – to – date information and to adapt it to your users’ demands. We are living in a dynamic world and for this reason, you need to continue to improve your app. Some domains are more popular than others. Add the topics requested by your users and remove the useless information. Keep in touch with your audience and discover what else you can do for helping them with their researches. A good example here is Merriam-Webster Dictionary which constantly adds new quizzes and other novelties for engaging users even more.

Voice-Based Search

The above point takes us to a feature that works best for dictionaries or similar reference apps. It is very difficult to enter a word especially when you don’t know how to spell it. A solution is to point your phone to the person who talks and to receive the translation or similar words in just a few seconds. The most useful facility, in this case, is voice-based search which allows users to speak instead of typing. As we said, the advantage is that users receive immediate results and with the technology available nowadays this procedure is very accurate. Now, which is the most popular and easy to access dictionary for mobile users, even on iOS devices? That’s right, Google Translate! But you can use the same approach for your app. It is easy to implement and it offers various benefits.

Visual Recognition

Well, what if your app isn’t based on certain words and doesn’t require detailed definitions of those specific terms? Let’s say that your creation analyzes impressive images and displays the data according to those visuals. We are talking about a feature similar to the tools offered by image sharing apps. What if users point their phone at an object and they receive all the information they need about that element? If you offer them this facility they will be very impressed, just like space and astronomy fans are when they use Sky Guide AR. With its built-in compass, the app helps them to find stars or satellites. It is really amazing!

Final Thoughts

Reference apps allow users to receive detailed answers to their everyday questions. If you have this type of app then you should take advantage of this power. Offer them clear and well – structured information in a fast manner, using the latest technology available for improving the user experience. Share the knowledge in a fun and attractive way!

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