How To Promote Real Estate Apps

It is very challenging to buy, sell or rent a house. Fortunately, there are apps able to make the entire process a lot easier. But, the main issue for real estate app owners is to make their app visible to the ones who need it. We will try to solve that with some useful tips and tricks.

Business Model

As you probably know, there isn’t a category named Real Estate on the most important app stores. On Apple App Store this type of apps is part of Lifestyle apps and on Google Play Store, real estate apps can be found inside House and Home. Things are very clear when it comes to deciding the monetization system for real estate apps. They have to be free because the real business is inside them. Of course, some of them offer in-app purchases but it is really difficult to convince users to pay for downloading the app when they want to buy or rent a property. The other models are reserved for apps that teach users how to organize their lives on iOS devices and their homes on Android smartphones. For more information and other details feel free to check the reports released by App Annie.

Top House and Home Apps on Google Play

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How To Promote Real Estate Apps

Let’s face it! Smartphones in general and apps, in particular, are great tools for people who want to buy or rent a house. We want to show you some efficient methods for convincing them that your app is the best for finding a place that fits their needs.

Instant Search

As you can imagine, a real estate app isn’t a product used by anyone, anytime. Only the ones interested in a house, in a specific moment, will want to download your app. But how can they know if your app is the right one for them before installing it? Google has the answer to Android Instant Apps. The general idea is allowing customers to use the native features of your Android app in a faster way, without going to Google Play Store, just by accessing a URL. App owners need to split their app into modules smaller than 4MB. The best part is that you can share the links to your Instant Apps also on social media. applied this strategy and the number of leads per property listing details page view is 2X higher. If you want to understand the entire procedure and the tools used for obtaining the wanted results, we invite you to read the story published on the official site for Android developers.


It is very frustrating to search for a while and not finding something you like. One of the factors that will attract your users is the variety of choices when they browse for a house. If your app offers them what they want, where they want it and with the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms, then you have a valuable product. When customers have many options to select from they will appreciate your app and they will use it for making sure that they make the best decision. Buying a house isn’t like buying a jacket. You just see it and in the next second, it’s in your hands. These things take time and the result depends on many elements. For example Zillow, one of the most popular real estate apps, offers a plethora of options for its users. After all, “you’re not just looking for a house. You’re looking for a place for your life to happen”, as they say at Zillow.

A Story Of A House

Let’s talk about the way you present a property. Your app is great, but if you want to reach a wider audience, you need to be everywhere for spreading the word about your product. Start with social accounts. You have to be active on these networks and if your budget allows you, paid ads on these platforms represent a great solution. You can find potential users on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Since we mentioned photo sharing apps, make sure that the images attached encourage users to try your app. All the visual provided by your app should be very attractive. In the same time, you can create walkthrough videos for engaging users even more. Remember how efficient storytelling can be? And don’t speak only about that house. Talk about the entire zone and highlight its beautiful elements. A good example here is Trulia, which describes the entire experience offered by a home.

Offers And Counteroffers

Now we’ve reached a sensitive segment of our discussion. The price of a property is often the crucial point of a house-hunt. The negotiation is a difficult task and agents play a very important role here. But, you should find the best solutions for all the parties implied. Make the communication process easier and help your users to obtain the wanted results. Talking about offers, you also need to keep an eye on your competitors. You have to be sure that users will appreciate the features provided by your app in order to avoid seeing them how they abandon it for others available on the market. If you want to win your customers’ attention, you can focus only on special characteristics. This way you will attract a certain group of users. It gives them a chance to find quickly what they need without having to struggle with a complex app that offers everything. Think about their preferences and try to find a solution for solving their requests. For example, Apartment List is a personalized app which allows users to find a place according to their budget.

Final Thoughts

For those who want to buy their dream house and for those who want to sell that specific house there is a common land in the mobile world named real estate apps. With a few marketing techniques, app owners can reach both investors and agents for offering them the right place for closing the deal.

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