How To Promote Puzzle Apps

Puzzle games are very popular because they represent the best tool to get rid of boredom wherever you are. You just need a mobile device and you can start (or continue) the challenge. But the real problem with mobile puzzle game is that they are … too many! Because new apps appear everyday users don’t know what to choose and developers have no idea how to make their game stand out of the huge crowd. For this reason, we invented a little game. Solve the riddles listed below and you will discover a useful strategy for promoting your puzzle app!

Business Model

We can’t start our challenge without a small tutorial. Which is the best way to monetize your game? The first answer that comes to your mind is probably showing ads, but that’s a little tricky because ads represent a good solution if and only if you know how to handle them. Be careful with their frequency and more important; find the right place for them! Otherwise, you will end up losing money and players. The second option would be to offer in-app purchases but you will need to provide impressive puzzles for convincing people to spend their money. The third answer is to ask potential users to pay for the game before trying it. This is also problematic because you will need to compete with award-winning apps that already have a high “score” on app markets. For helping you, we will show you the best puzzle games on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Extra Tip: Browse through our blog and find other articles which can inspire you for building your strategy. For example, you can study how Heads Up!, Blackbox, Mushroom 11, Inks or Monument Valley did it!

Puzzle Games on Google Play

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Puzzle Games on iOS App Store


How To Promote Puzzle Apps

Now it’s time for our small puzzle. It will be more realistic if you use your mobile device for reading the article ;). You need to discover the mysteries hidden behind the next titles. Follow the clues and you will find some useful techniques which will help you to promote your app. Good luck!

Level 1 – What Is The Most Important Condition You Need To Complete For Aspiring To A Higher Ranking?

The hints for this stage are interesting, fun, challenging, great, physics, amazing, addictive. Yes, you guessed that right! Your game needs to be awesome before beginning your marketing campaign. No matter what is your favorite method for promoting your app, you won’t reach success unless you impress your users with your product. It may sound harsh but, that’s the truth! Make sure users won’t find any bugs because they need to focus on clues, not on the errors left inside your game. Also, you must find the right balance between a very hard game and a really easy one. Players want to discover new challenges but they don’t have to be frustrated by the complexity of your app. A great example here is Infinity Loop, a puzzle game very appreciated by players. It is very relaxing and challenging at the same time!

Level 2 – Which Solution Increases Your App’s Discoverability By 50%?

At this point, the clues are descriptive app title, clear app description, relevant keywords, high-quality screenshots, and impressive preview video. Oh, you are really good! The answer is App Store Optimization. And that’s true; the most common situation when an app is discovered is when users open the app store for finding new ways to spend their time. That’s the moment when your game has to be on the list which appears after their search. And the best part is that on both app stores apps and games are separated. Therefore, your chances to meet potential users are even higher. Maybe an amazing app store page is the reason why Candy Crush Saga is still #1 in app stores after all these years.

Level 3 – What Is The Best Way To Spread The Word About Your Puzzle?

We have an entire list of indicators which will show you the right answer for the above question: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Reddit, Quora. We were talking about social media and popular forums. You did great so far! You need to be the biggest marketer of your game. Share it with your virtual friends on all famous channels and encourage them to do the same if they liked the game. Now you can see the importance of the first level presented before. And yes, for puzzle games you can take advantage of any communication channel available. Of course, there are certain rules you must respect but if you are familiar with this method, then it shouldn’t be too hard. Puzzledom users can discover novelties about their favorite game on Facebook.

Level 4 – What Would Convince Users To Continue With Your Game?

We have just one word for the final level: bonuses. Yes, that’s right, without attractive prizes it is harder to make users coming back again and again. Sure, your game needs to be amazing, you have to create the perfect app store page and you need to make sure that everybody talks about it on social channels but you also need to find interesting methods to reward your users. This doesn’t necessarily mean to spend money. There are many ways to make players feel important. You just need to be inventive. After all, this is the most important skill for puzzle creators. Just continue to show them your creativity and users will enjoy the game even more. Scale is a smart concept which offers players extra lives if they find special solutions for the game.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You completed the challenge and you won the most wanted prize: new and valuable users! What’s next? You need to keep up the good work and to impress your audience with more exciting levels. The goal is to increase their engagement by making sure they don’t abandon your puzzle for playing a new one which is probably uploaded to the market as we speak. But, for now, take a few seconds to enjoy your victory!

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