How To Promote Parenting Apps

Being a parent is a full-time job, of course, without vacation pay or sick days. But what can you do when you also have a full-time job outside your house? The solution comes from the small device you carry with you all the time. There are apps that teach users how to be a better parent and solve all kinds of problems for them. Let’s discuss these solutions.

Business Model

Parenting apps represent a special category of Google Play Store. But if you search for the same type of products on Apple App Store you should check Lifestyle apps and you will find them among dating and real estate apps. This doesn’t mean that you won’t see parenting apps for Android devices in the lifestyle category. As you can observe from the situation presented by App Annie, there are apps offered for free and there are also paid apps. But you need to be careful with the price chosen in order to make it accessible for all parents ready to invest in a tool that will help them with their daily struggles. For top grossing apps, we observe that users focus mainly on their kids’ safety. Whether we talk about baby tracker or child locator, these seem to be the main concerns of parents about their children.

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How to Promote Parenting Apps

Since there’s no such thing as the perfect parent, we can’t say that you will build and promote the perfect parenting app. But you can get closer to this concept if you follow our advice.


Let’s talk about your users. They are all parents. They all have their fears and their issues. We shouldn’t forget that they are in constant worry for their kids. Your job as an app owner is to build a relationship with them and to find the best way to help them with their struggles. Solving their problem isn’t enough. You need to do that in the most efficient way. After a few taps, users must realize that your app is all they need and trusting your product was a good decision. After they download your app you need to keep in touch with them in order to find new methods for improving your product. Maybe your app is a great tool but its design isn’t what parents would expect. And let’s not forget about Customer Support. So, you need to make sure that each part of your creation matches your users’ needs. Take a look at Rainbow which isn’t only a baby tracker but it offers all kinds of features in a simple and intuitive way.


Now, we need to focus on children. Even if your app is built for parents, you should help them understand how to take care of their kids. And kids are different. There isn’t a general solution that solves all problems. The key is to create a category for every age group. While for babies it is important to know how much they weight and how soon they can learn colors, for bigger kids, parents should take into account other needs, like privacy or what games are playing. Personalize the help provided according to your users’ preferences. In the same time, you need to make sure that the app offers accurate results because the reason why parents use your product is that it gives peace of mind and that is the most important benefit when it comes to knowing everything about their children. A good example here is Find My Kids – GPS Tracker. This is not about spying your kids, it’s about knowing them safe and being able to help them, just in case…


The point discussed above shows us the importance of alerts. Therefore, every time something important changes, users need to be notified. And we emphasize the word “important”. As an app owner, you have to decide when is the right time to announce users about a significant event inside the app because sending those messages for every little thing won’t bring you any advantages. Let’s face it! People download an app (especially yours) to continue with their daily tasks and to remain connected with their kids at the same time. Allow them to set their preferences and to choose the best moment to go back to your creation. A wonderful tool for baby monitoring is Baby Monitor & Alarm. Parents are very busy and if your app becomes annoying they can’t be stopped to delete it and to find other solution offered by your competitors. Sure, push notifications sent too often isn’t a problem if your users are overprotective or paranoid parents which will check their phone every 2 seconds.


If you are expecting a baby and you want to be prepared for the big day (and the following months and years) or you are already a parent but you don’t know how to handle various situations an important help comes from other parents who already faced this type of problems. That’s why you can join discussions on blogs and forums. Of course, an answer from experts is the best in this case. It is essential to talk with somebody that can understand your concerns and if an app offers the right environment for this situation it is even better. Mobile apps made this service more accessible. For all app owners, we highlight that the most important thing is to keep your promise. If you say that your app helps parents, then that is what it should do. Just like Parentune, an app which offers a trustful community for parents. As a small observation, if you check the reviews you will see that the team behind the app took time to respond to each and every user who rated the app. And we are talking about thousands of messages. Really nice touch!

Final Thoughts

Well, enough talk. It is time for action. Apply the techniques presented above and help users enjoy their lives as parents. It is very important for them to stop thinking all the time about their daily problems and to start comprehending their children!

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