How To Promote Navigation Apps

We keep complaining about overcrowded app stores when we want to increase the visibility of our apps, but the same issues appear when we try to find our way in big cities. For this reason, a navigation app became a must – have for all smartphone users especially for those who travel a lot. The huge number of apps from this category represents a problem for developers which need to find some solutions to stand out and also for customers who don’t know what to choose. In case you are an app owner we recommend you to follow our small guide which will help you to promote your creation in front of your potential customers.

Business Model

We can’t move further without knowing your competitors and without observing their strategies. Let’s take for example the situation displayed by App Annie for the users that live in the United States. First we have the chart for iOS devices and we recognize in the free section the most popular apps. The list with paid apps is the place for creations that focus on certain segments of users, while in the top grossing sector we can detect both free with in – app purchases and paid apps. The same thing happens for Android smartphones. We just noticed a funny fact in the images posted bellow. On Apple App Store, Google Maps is #1 while on Google Play Store the same app isn’t even in top 8.

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How To Promote Navigation Apps

Now, it is time to gather some of the most important elements which can make your app a trustful companion for your target audience.

Simple, Yet Innovative

We just need to say it from the start. Your app must help users to get from one place to another in a safety and simple manner. If they don’t understand how to use your creation or if they encounter all types of problems on their way to destination prepare yourself for a huge churn rate. Don’t understand us wrong! When we say simple we mean to find the right method for making even the most complex tools offered by your app a delightful service for all types of users. In the same time try to add special features which will amaze your audience. Do you remember when we discussed about Lyft? The team behind the app promised that in a few years all the rides will be made by autonomous cars? Recently, the company tested its first driverless car created by NuTonomy. Yesterday, Sean O’Kane from The Verge published an article which describes his experience with a semi – autonomous BMW 540i offered by Lyft in partnership with Aptiv. The car was available in Las Vegas during Consumer Electronics Show and despite the challenges created by the resort city the safety driver didn’t have to take the wheel because the journey was very smooth.


You know how difficult is to choose the right path when you reach a crossroad. In mobile world things are slightly different. The place of intersection of two apps can become something extraordinary which will help users deciding that this type of partnership is what they need. If you think about it you will realize that users’ preferences have changed. It means that bringing features from other apps which have nothing to do with navigation but represent a benefit for making customers ride more pleasant is really a smart strategy. We have plenty of examples here but we will mention only the amazing experience provided by Waze and Spotify. In that case Spotify customers can use Waze tools from the music app and Waze users can listen to their favorite music before they reach their destination.


Maps are very important when it comes to navigate in a big city. Without a correct and updated representation of the most important places it is very hard to find your way in a timely manner. And if all the markers look the same what can you do to make the difference between a hospital and a restaurant? For this reason Google Maps became more useful after the app got a new look in November, last year. If you recall, we also mentioned this event in our Mobile Marketing News of that specific week. In fact, Google does more for its users. They can also take advantage of those maps even without internet connection. And this is a very important aspect when you can’t be online all the time. Maybe because of all these features, Google Maps is so appreciated by iOS customers.


Additionally to all those facilities required by everyone, a great navigation app offers the possibility to personalize every activity according to users’ needs. Recommending the best restaurants based on users’ location or being able to upload the needed data for creating an optimized route represent compulsory services that impress users and bring your app in front of your competitors’ creations.  And we didn’t even mention the advertising opportunities created by this amount of data. In the same time, providing these special benefits allow you to set the wanted business model and to be sure that all users will agree to pay for receiving all these advantages. For example, Road Warrior Route Planner charges users $5 per month or $50 per year for the features which help professional couriers, sales representatives and many types of business to save time and to increase the number of their deliveries. This app integrated tools provided by other companies like Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, HERE Maps or Glympse to transform it into “the best app money can buy”.

Final Thoughts

Navigation apps are very useful, especially when smart app owners implement special features for making users’ lives easier. How great would be for marketers if someone would create an app that will show them the best route for acquiring valuable users? It appears that there isn’t an app for everything, after all. Until then, feel free to take advantage of our tool if you want to keep your navigation app on the right track and to reach success!

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