How To Promote Music Apps

It is a good moment to analyze a special category from mobile app stores. Now it is time for music, better saying for mobile music. Building a music app is really hard but more difficult it is to make people listen when you talk about your creation. This is the reason why we gathered here some tips and tricks for helping you to put your app on the right track.

Business Model

If you want to reach top charts you need to analyze other apps similar to the one you are about to create. Don’t worry if you already built it. It is never too late to ask for help. So, let’s spy a little on your competitors. On AppAnnie we have best iOS Music apps and best Android Music & Audio apps. In the first list, we observe some big names. Most of them are free with in-app purchases. In the Paid section you can notice premium versions of those free apps. In top grossing apps stand out again free apps with in-app purchases. For Android devices, the situation looks almost the same with a small exception. Users prefer free apps without in-app purchases. Now it depends on the platform and the facilities offered by your app. We just wanted to share with you some information about users’ behavior when it comes to downloading music apps.


Image Source: https://www.appannie.com/en/apps/google-play/top/united-states/application/music-and-audio/

How To Promote Music Apps?

There are many methods for promoting a music app but we will focus on those techniques that will offer you the wanted results. The most important advice we can give you is to try all the channels available for spreading the word about your app. You should check the apps to promote music, choose one and start! Let’s see the easiest ways to do that and more important the best practices for each method.

Listen To Your Users

Before thinking about how to promote your app you should consider the best way to build it. We observed in the images above that FL Studio Mobile, a music making app attracts a lot of users even with this strange business model. Not only that the app costs almost $14 on Apple App Store and more than $16 on Google Play Store but customers also need to buy certain items inside the app. So, we paid attention to the reviews and we understood that the most important factor that will generate revenue is to create an intuitive and easy to use the app. If its features match users’ requests then you can start building a sustainable plan for promoting it. But if you ignore this aspect from the beginning then your app is hopeless. Keep in mind, that even if your app is too complex you need to simplify it in order to engage your customers.

Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fl-studio-mobile/id432850619?mt=8

Work With Artists

Considering that you completed the previous step which is vital for the success of your strategy, you can approach influencers that can take advantage of your app. It is enough to convince them about the value of your creation and you will be able to observe the results. They will use it and they will share their opinions with their followers. You just need to show them how your app will improve the way they connect with their fans. Always remember that you need their help but they also need your app to reach their audience. Just like Tidal app was promoted by artists. Who doesn’t want to download the app recommended by Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Madonna and many others, especially when they talk about High Fidelity Sound Quality?

Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/ro/app/tidal/id913943275?mt=8

Music Brings People Together

You will say that Tidal is owned by famous people and you can’t compete with that. That’s true, but you shouldn’t forget that music has the power to create emotions. Stop complaining and start taking advantage of the innovative technology available to you. And that is not all! There is probably only a single blog post (when we talk about productivity apps) where we don’t remind you that social media is the best place for people to share their thoughts. These channels allow you to connect with the most popular musicians and to build strong relationships with them. Take for example Shazam and its partnership with Snapchat for reaching a wider audience. After integrating Shazam in the Snapchat app at the end of 2016, Snapchaters can Shazam songs from their favorite messaging app. Moreover, Shazam offers certain features that connect users with the most popular music apps in the world, like Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify or Pandora. What more could anyone need?

Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shazam/id284993459?mt=8

Show Off

It is all about presentation. If you don’t trust your app, no one will. You need to demonstrate that your app is indeed a phenomenon. Promote your music app, enter the best platforms for that. Furthermore, go to concerts, parties and all types of musical performances and try to replicate the same atmosphere for your users. In the same time, you have to blow the trumpet for your creation. Everything you say should reflect the wonderful sensation provided by the app. Knowing your users will allow you to focus on your buyer persona. If you target Millennials, then study their environment a little and discover what type of music attracts them the most. You should create something extraordinary to catch their attention. In case you want to show users how to sing, we have a tutorial that will offer you some valuable hints on how to accomplish that. Just like Sing! Karaoke allows customers to become real singers.

Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sing-karaoke-by-smule/id509993510?mt=8

Final Thoughts

You have to admit that everything we shared so far is like music to your ears. So, you need to build an amazing app and to talk about it with every possible occasion. So far, so good! Further, you need to connect with artists and to convince them about the utility of your app. Next, enjoy the moment when their fans will become your loyal users. Meanwhile, don’t forget about the opportunities created by App Samurai for all app owners!

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