How To Promote Mobile Arcade Games

Today we will go back to our childhood! Do you remember those arcade machines usually placed in public locations like malls or restaurants? They used to be the best entertainment option for most of us back then… But everything ended with the launch of home video game consoles. Well, almost everything, because now arcade games are equally popular due to the fact that they are so small that can be carried in our pocket and the gameplay is a little different. We are highlighting the characteristics of mobile arcade games and if some of you feel nostalgia for those years, you should keep reading because we will discuss this category of games.

Business Model

Nowadays, there are many popular games which managed to recreate the atmosphere offered by those coin-operated machines on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Most of them use the same strategy for monetizing arcade games. The apps are free with various in-app purchases. Let’s put it like this. Those coins used for arcade machines became paid items. So, our recommendation is to adapt this business model to your app style and to find the best way for convincing users that your creation is worth the money. Well, this is the general approach but you can implement other methods for increasing your revenue with your game, like ads. Later we will give you some tips about the formats suitable for arcade games.

Arcade games on iOS App Store

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Arcade games on Google Play Store


How To Promote Arcade Games

Many famous arcade games continue to be successful even after a few years. We want to see why.


First of all, arcade games represent a great way for users to spend their time. The main condition for increasing the popularity of your app is to allow users enjoying these moments without feeling the frustration of a difficult game. Challenges are very important but maintain a certain level of complexity for those who just want to have fun. Usually, the games listed in this category don’t require too much thinking allowing players to focus on more tasks at once. At this point, you should be careful with the ads because too annoying formats make users abandon your app. Despite the simplicity of the game, you still need to intrigue users with special bonuses. Talking about extra points, you can also try to implement rewarded video ads. Remember the reasons why you wanted to continue the game when you were in an arcade. The same thing happens in the mobile world. Easy – to – play games with attractive prizes are the key to success in this category. And don’t forget about leaderboard! There is the magic. In this case, there are many examples of match 3 game especially with jewels but we will mention here Jewels Legend for all those good reviews received.


People like arcade games because they are timeless. It is a joy to play the same game after all these years even though the technology evolved so much. Of course, you can add your personal touch for a more interesting effect but keep in mind that retro games continue to engage players and to convince them to go back to your app whenever they have the chance. It is amazing when people just see an image of those memorable arcades and are so eager to start the game again. Here, you can take advantage of playable ads which represent a fun way to test a game. While these classic games give you the power to impress users, you still need to provide an extraordinary experience if you want to recreate the same atmosphere offered by arcade machines, including the sound effects. We can’t go further without showing you how BANDAI NAMCO offers an “arcade perfect port of classic PAC – MAN”.


Let’s recap! Your game should be simple and challenging at the same time and with some classic elements. Great, so far! But you still have to make sure that those users who opened your app will keep coming back. You will say that this is a requirement for all types of games. And that’s true, but for small games like arcades, you need to focus on addictive elements in order to make your game viral. When people like an app they want to share their joy with other players. Just take a look at game forums or read the comments posted on Quora and Reddit. If your game will reach those lists or arcade fans will find your app on game review sites they will want to try it. In case users appreciate your work they will spread the word about your game and other players will share it with their friends. You can check The Impossible Game, which is recommended on the channels mentioned before.


Now, let’s talk about success. After you acquire a great number of users, your first intention is to relax and enjoy the triumph. But that is the worst thing you can do. It is the best time to discover innovative ways of improving it. There are two solutions here. On one hand, you should consider building new levels and entertain players. But that is only the development part. On the other hand, you have to focus on retention and to continue with your marketing strategy because you must convince your users to continue playing the game. Find new methods to maintain your audience interested in your product. We have hundreds of articles that can help you with that. Don’t forget that mobile marketing is a never-ending process. In the same time, you can study how Smash Hit became… well, a smash hit.

Final Thoughts

Arcade games are a great way to bring back pleasant memories and to observe how things evolved in the game industry. In the same time, it is quite complicated for an app owner to promote a game that has thousands of rivals on the market. Despite the huge number of games available in this category, we believe that our advice listed above will help you to attract exactly those users who want to remember their childhood.


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