How To Promote Medical Apps

It is very clear that medical apps became a necessity for us and that happens because we all need to take care of our health. In case you have such an app which teaches users how to control what happens to them you need to follow some special key points which will transform your work into an amazing tool for its customers.

Business Model

First of all, let’s see what other app owners did with their creations and maybe we will discover some solutions on the app store. We look at the charts provided by App Annie for iOS and Android users from the United States. When it comes to Medical category the Free section is dominated by those apps that offer services without any costs, not even in – app purchases. Paid apps provide unique tools for convincing users about their advantages and in top Grossing apps most of the solutions are free with in – app purchases. There isn’t a special pattern because the monetization strategy is chosen by each app owner according to his data about potential users.

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How To Promote Medical Apps

There are a few challenges faced by developers who want to impress their audience with their medical app and we will name the most important here along with recommendations for helping you to meet your customers’ requirements.

Take Care Of Your Users

First of all, you need to keep in mind that you created this app for helping your users. This is the main purpose of your app and its interface must express this concept. And don’t forget to highlight the fact that they also need to see a real doctor additionally to the use of your app. We need to mention here that the app must be designed it according to FDA rules. While Google doesn’t necessary mention certain criteria when you upload an Android app on the market, Apple provides an official document App Store Review Guidelines (you know it too well, or at least you should!) which explains the best practices when it comes to create a medical iOS app. You need to follow them in order to convince the experts from Apple to accept your app. In the same time you must be careful with the data your app stores from customers. Make sure that users feel safe whenever they need to share their personal information. Just like Good Rx helps users in an easy and convenient way to save money when they need to buy their meds. Customers can’t stop congratulating the team behind the app for creating such an amazing tool.

Side Effects Of Medical Terms

In general, you have to be careful when you use technical terms especially when you describe your app. Now, it depends on your target audience but if your app is created for the wider public you need to be aware of the fact that too many unknown words will scare them away, even if your app has the power to save their lives. It is better to show customers how to use your app then to tell them. That’s the reason why a preview video will do the job for you. Design a friendly website where you can share your creatives. Add also some relevant screenshots which will describe the features provided by your app. This way you will create the perfect place for inviting users to download your app. On the other hand if your app is created for pharmacists or practitioners like it is Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy then you need to provide all the necessary information for helping their patients.

The Cure For Monotony

Seeing users when they roll their eyes saying, “Oh, just another medical app which does exactly the same things like the other twenty I’ve downloaded so far!” is one of the worst feelings in the world for an app developer. For this reason, you need to avoid this situation by all means. Innovative technology can help you at this stage. Maybe AR or AI offers features suitable for your app. Make it special and explain to your audience why your app is different from the rest of the apps available on the app store. They need to understand why your app is a good solution for their problem and how simple will be for them to use it. A good example is Vargo Anesthesia Mega App which seems to combine 17 apps in 1. Maybe this is the reason why it costs $79.99 and it is number 6 in top grossing apps on Apple App Store and number 2 on Google Play Store.

Medical Experts

When you create a high quality app your main goal is to win your users’ trust for your product. And because it is very hard to do that all by yourself you need to make sure that influential people in the field appreciate your app. This way they can become your ambassadors and they will share their opinion about the app with their patients or people who follow them on social networks. Users are more willing to pay attention to an app when it is recommended by a doctor or other famous expert. It is known the fact that doctors or pharmacists have a certain influence over people and it is mandatory to convince them about the value of your app. The trick is to impress them. Take a look at iMedicalApps, a platform where you can find reviews for medical apps and you will see an interesting article about EBM Stats Calc, an iOS app launched a few days ago. The story describes its utility and the reasons why users should download this app.

Final Thoughts

We don’t want to scare you but we are not going to lie you. Promoting a mobile medical app is at least as difficult as it was building it. But you don’t need to feel discouraged. If you will take into account our observations shared above than you can be sure that your app is ready to treat its users in the best possible way. And you know our favorite recipe: Valuable users bring more valuable users!

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