How To Promote Health And Fitness Apps

Do you want to develop a fitness app? Are you planning to improve the healthcare system with one of your creations? Well, you came to the right place. We are about to talk about efficient methods to promote health and fitness apps because we know that different types of apps demand different approaches.

Business Model

Let’s make it clear from the start. This section represents a simple recommendation. Feel free to select the business model you consider suitable for your app. It goes without saying that you can’t begin without knowing your customers. This is a determining factor which will influence all your future decisions. Now, you probably know that there is a plethora of health and fitness apps which already impressed users with their innovative services. Statista shows the most popular ones in the United States.

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It is almost impossible to convince potential customers to pay for downloading your app before showing them how valuable it is. This is the reason why a free app is a better solution. And because developing and managing an app implies high costs you should monetize it. So, a proper answer to this dilemma is to go with freemium system. In this case, users prefer to pay a reasonable fee for premium features if they already enjoy the basic version. Another solution is to build a subscription program and to offer exclusive content. At this point, you need to make a clever decision before going further with your work.

Useful Methods For Promoting Health And Fitness Apps

We won’t tell you why it is a good choice to build a health and fitness app because we assume that you already validated your idea. The ideal situation would be to create your plan from the development stage but some of these strategies work even if your app is already on the market. Anyway, here is the secret. You have to pay attention to any solution that matches users’ needs. Let’s see how.

Social Media – Run And Spread The Word About Your App

Users need to socialize. Social media represents the world of all possibilities. If you take advantage of this ecosystem you will obtain a lot of benefits. First of all, you should use your accounts to meet users and to understand them. Secondly, you must implement social tools inside your app to make sure that your users can share their achievements with their friends. Take a look at how Strava became the social network for athletes.

Influencers – Impressive Steps For A Bigger User Base

Users need to follow. In case a known doctor or a famous athlete like your app then be prepared for building a strong relationship with valuable users. If you convince an experienced person to talk about your app people will follow his recommendation because patients and sports fans trust influencers when it comes to try new products. You can see in a video how Explore Gadgets explain for their followers the features offered by Daily Yoga app.

Content Marketing – Be Flexible And Show That You Care About Your Users

Users need to know. It is not enough to brag your app and to say how useful it is for its audience. You have to explain in what way your creation solves your customers’ problems. Whether you display helpful information on your website or you post interesting articles on your blog or even if you upload different tutorials on your YouTube channels, you must be sure that your users understand your brand. In the same time, allow users to express their happiness and to post snippets from their experiences. When people will discover that a certain person lost weight using your app they will want to try it. User-generated content is a great way to share true and personal stories.  In case you want to learn how to deliver engaging content for your users you must build a community around your app, just like Nike did for the Nike+ Run app.

Mobile Moments – The Best Timing

Users need to pay attention. It is difficult to discover when users are more willing to pay attention to your business but there are certain moments when they open your app for finding different solutions. Google named them Micro Moments. While for a health app this can be possible whenever they feel sick, a fitness app engages users at a higher level before summer or before a great event like a wedding or a celebration. Additionally, you should focus your energy on making your app visible at the beginning of special periods of time, like a new week, a new month or a new year when people usually decide to change their habits. You can observe what Kayla Itsines does with her Sweat With Kayla app.

Chatbots – Recipe For Becoming Your Users’ Friend

Users need help. Customer service tools became more sophisticated and users want to obtain the required information in a fast and easy way. With a messaging interface and powered by AI algorithms, chatbots are considered reliable helpers when it comes to ask proper questions or to understand different symptoms. Every detail counts especially when you aren’t feeling well. Just check Ada, who pretends to be your health companion.

Gamification – Beat Your Competitors’ Score

Users need challenges. Users are more motivated to follow the activities provided inside your app if they know that they will receive a reward at the end of the process or, at least, if they will see their name on a leaderboard. Do anything you need to encourage them, to continue their exercises and their daily tasks. Another advantage offered by gamification is that you increase retention rate which is the most important goal. Remember how Headspace convinces customers to go on with their meditation sessions by using playful elements.


If you were searching for different sources of inspiration for promoting your health and fitness app then look no more. We just offered you a smart guide specially tailored to your app category. Prepare your app according to your users’ needs and you can be sure that, step by step, you will reach success.

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