How To Promote Event Apps

It’s the beginning of 2018 and it is the perfect time for plans. It is a joy to think about the events available this year, especially for tech enthusiasts. On the other hand, organizers fight for assuring the perfect atmosphere and for this reason an event app is the best solution when it comes to connect with attendees. The question is: How to increase the event app adoption? We want to make sure that apps’ characteristics match users’ preferences for providing the right experience.

Business Model

Actually we won’t discuss today about a certain category on app stores because the apps built for promoting an event represent a special segment of business apps. Remember how we always recommend you to attend events and to talk to people about your work? For this reason and because event marketing provide efficient results for many products it was imperative to describe the main strategies for bringing this type of apps in front of its users. We usually check App Annie whenever we want to understand how to monetize an app, but in this case Apple App Store doesn’t have this option, while Google Play Store has Events with only two sections: Free, dominated by apps which allow users to buy tickets and Grossing which has only 5 apps that have nothing to do with our topic. In fact, event apps aren’t created with the purpose of increasing the revenue of its creators. They are meant to attract attendees and to convince them about the benefits of the conference. But if you have some products you want to sell during the event you can add in – app purchases. Otherwise keep your app free in order to reach your goal.

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How To Promote Event Apps

As we said earlier, when you build and promote an event app the plan is to intrigue and to attract attendees before the event. Let’s see how.

Start Early With Your App Promotion Strategy

If you built the app it doesn’t mean that people will use it without you telling them why it is advantageous for them. But for that, you need to introduce your product before the conference. This way you will make sure that you obtain the wanted results. There are various channels available for you to present the app to potential users and guess what? You are allowed to use all of them. Start with your website which is the best place to invite people to check your app. Add the links for the app stores and convince people to sign in. It is the perfect method to obtain your own database with their email addresses for sending them relevant messages. Next, connect with attendees on the most popular social networks while you offer them interesting insights about the app. Start with the agenda for your event, just like Meeting Application does.

Always Take Good Care Of Attendees

Inviting somebody to an event is similar to that specific moment when you organize a dinner party at home and you ask your friends to come over. You need to make sure that they have a solution for transportation, that they will enjoy the atmosphere and that they also receive something valuable during the meeting. A good idea is to add gamification elements which will make the entire process more interesting. Some bonus points for using your app or a symbolic reward will engage users even more. But before doing that you have to show them how your app works. Create a short video and share it wherever you get the chance: on the event’s landing page, on social media and even on your app store page. Next, we recommend you to offer them some valuable content which will make them understand how interesting your event will be. CrowdCompass AttendeeHub is a great example when you want to discover what kind of information needs to be displayed by an event app.

Involve All Participants To The Event

During the event, it is imperative to remember your audience about the app and why it is very useful. All spokesmen and other guests can talk about the benefits provided by your creation and to integrate a small description of your app into their speech for demonstrating its utility. It would be a smart move to include sponsors and to create a bridge between your app and their products if users want to know more. In case attendees feel the need to share moments from the event with their friends then you must make sure that they are able to do that as easy as possible. Watching them how they leave your app for sending messages is very disappointing. You can implement the feature promoted by Attendify.

Continue To Build The Community After The Event

If the event is over this doesn’t mean that your work is done. You need to focus on connecting with users even after the great evening. Maybe some of them have questions which need to be answered or others would like to discover more about certain topics. Make time for their feedback, be there for them and don’t forget to send them thanks for their presence. This way you can bring into discussion your next event and it would be a good idea to start promoting it. If you win your users’ trust they will become your loyal audience for your future projects. You can create a single app for all your events and to engage your users every time they check the videos of past meetings. For example, Cvent Events is an app which promotes all the conferences organized by Cvent.

Final Thought

We just discovered that an app owner needs to promote an event app in the same manner he organizes the activity during the event itself. If you follow our guidelines you will manage to build a great community around your app. It is about creating a personal relationship between event organizers and attendees which provides many advantages for both groups. If you have an event app we will be happy to hear your story!

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