How To Promote Dating Apps

Love is in the air… Actually, love is in smartphones because dating apps created the perfect atmosphere for their users to find the perfect partner. But there are so many dating apps that people have no idea what to choose and app owners don’t know what to do to highlight their creations as the best solutions for the single ones. In that case, we can share with you some efficient methods to promote your dating app. You just need to pay attention to details and everything will be fine!

Business Model

But before going further let’s see how others did it. As usual, we check App Annie for this section. In case you didn’t know, we need to tell you that Apple App Store doesn’t have this category. Instead, dating apps are included in Lifestyle apps. If you take a look at the image below you can see that even if there are other types of apps included here, many dating apps still occupy the first positions. For Android devices, we can talk only about dating apps and we will analyze the situation when it comes to choosing a business model. This discussion is relevant also for iOS apps. Some popular dating apps are free and don’t offer in-app purchases. In the paid section we found just 7 apps and that makes sense. Who would pay for an app when there are so many free alternatives? Top-grossing apps show us that the best solution is to allow users to download the app for free and to offer them premium items when they become interested in your product. Subscriptions work very well in this case.

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How To Promote Dating Apps

Now, let us make the first move because we will present some useful solutions to spread the love with your app.

I Am Single And You Are Welcome To Change That

First, you must focus on your target audience. Taking into account the huge number of dating apps and that some of them are already too popular to compete with, you must find a way for making your app visible from the start. Maybe a boost campaign is all you need when you don’t want to lose time. Ask us if you have doubts! Additionally, you can focus on social media which is the place where potential customers can discover your app. As you well know, there are two options: the free one, where you create an account and you frequently post useful information about your product. The second choice is a lot faster, but more expensive because you need to create smart campaigns based on paid ads. At this point, you have to be aware because there are certain restrictions regarding targeting options when it comes to promoting dating apps on Facebook. As an example, you can check the campaign launched by Jfiix.

I Want To Find Somebody Rich and Beautiful

You can’t offer everything for everybody, at least not from the beginning. For this reason, you need to find your special niche. Once you do that, dating app promotion is not that difficult. There are thousands of dating apps out there (yes, we said that before!) but it is not impossible to create the perfect tool for a certain group of people. Study potential customers and discover a way to transform your business into a wingman for all those single persons who didn’t find a partner even after using other mobile apps. You need to keep in mind that users who want to meet their love have their own ambitions and preferences. Make sure that you meet your users’ requirements and you solve their problems. For example, Bumble allows women to remove the waiting or the awkward moments and to make the first step when it comes to starting a conversation with a potential date.

It is Easier Than I Thought To Find The Perfect Match

Love is complicated and because of that, your app should be as simple as possible. There is a reason why so many people choose to download an app when they want to find their love. Because it is easier to start a conversation without the stress caused by face – to – face meeting. In the same time, the fear of rejection is too high and they don’t want to be disappointed again. Eliminate this aspect and make users understand that they have nothing to lose if they try your solution. Meanwhile, you should design a simple app with a friendly interface that allows users to reach their goals. It is impossible to talk about dating apps and not mentioning Tinder which continues its leadership in this category. And let’s not forget how easy it is for users to meet new people after downloading Tinder. Swipe left or right! Even game development studios borrowed this concept for their products. Reigns sound familiar?

Yes, I Found The Love Of My Life!

Now that your app did a perfect job it is time to take advantage and to spread the word about this success. Encourage users to tell their story because nothing is more inspiring than real people who obtained what they wanted after using your app. The same technique was applied by, the famous online dating service which promotes their customers’ testimonials. Moreover, the company expended their solutions and create mobile apps for all platforms. Going back to your product, there are various methods available for convincing users to talk about their experience but we recommend you to focus your attention on user-generated content and to create a campaign rewarding customers for sharing photos. Those are real proofs that show how happy they are with their new partners.

Final Thoughts

It is a harsh world out there for app owners and for single people. Even if the first group can help the second one and vice versa, they need a common space where to meet. And that suitable landscape is created by marketing tools. We just presented you some of them. Now, it is your job as a marketer to provide the right atmosphere that will help the app to grow and users to find the dating solution specially created for their needs.

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