How To Promote Communication Apps

Using smartphones for communicating with other people became our second nature. The best part is that we are always connected with the persons that matter to us. Whether they live on a different continent, in our city or even next door, with the plethora of messaging apps we have the feeling that our friends are always by our side. But with so many popular communication apps it is difficult to come up with a new idea for creating your own product and especially to find some effective ways of promoting your app. But that’s why we are here. We will take a closer look at these famous apps and we will share with you some of their secrets.

Business Model

Let’s start with the monetization plan. As usual, we check the latest reports presented by App Annie for users in the United States. While on Google Play, messaging apps have a certain category named Communication, on Apple App Store these apps are integrated with Social Networking. Usually, communication apps are free and some of them offer in-app purchases. Looking at the paid section we notice a few pro versions of certain apps and other tools built for famous chat apps, but the main idea when choosing this model is to make sure that potential users agree to pay for your product before downloading it. Keep in mind that uploading an app on the app store means to offer what users want and to show them that. This is the condition to make them interested in your product, whether it costs them money or not.

Google Play top communication apps in the United States

iOS top communication apps in United States


How To Promote Communication Apps

Since all these communication apps look the same, let’s see what to do for making your app special and for convincing users to choose your creation instead of others.


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Make It Better

Make your app better – better than it was before, better than other apps! Improving your product is the first step in making sure that your marketing strategies will work. Even if users will be impressed by your words, when you talk about your creation, the moment of truth is when they download the app and they face numerous problems. And we aren’t talking about security because a safe environment for people to express their ideas is a must – have for all types of apps. Going back to our discussion, if you look at the most popular communication apps on both app stores, you will realize that there isn’t such thing as the perfect app. Study their users’ complains and decide what to do to meet their demands. Yes, this means to keep an eye on your competitors and we can show you how to do that. Meanwhile, make time to listen to your users and decide which features should be implemented for making them happy. Check how Skype continues to optimize the app according to users’ feedbacks.

Make It Special

Keep in mind that nobody will choose your app if it is the same as other popular products. Being different from the rest of the apps is essential for standing out and for succeeding in this harsh world. Adding a new set of captivating stickers, or engaging users from certain domains is a good start. Providing a solution for users who wanted to send ephemeral messages determined Snapchat’s growth a few years ago. If you want to remember how Snapchat began, we recommend you to read again the story behind its success. Or maybe you want to understand how Slack became famous after offering a powerful tool for workplace communication. The point is to provide a strong reason for your users to choose your app. For example, with Mood Messenger, users are able to customize their conversations according to their mood.

Make It Simple

The above statements are true but there is something even more important when you present your app to the target audience. You have to prove that your product is simple to use. Not all users are tech specialists, so you need to make sure that your app is so intuitive even a 5 – year – old can use it. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t offer the latest innovations available on the market. Complicating your app and making a complex app are two different things. Even if your creation offers the most interesting features it doesn’t mean that users should struggle every time they want to send a message. The way you design user interface influences the way customers will receive your product. A good example when you want to provide a great user experience is Whatsapp Messenger. With all the tools added to the app, it is still very easy to understand how it works.

Make It Viral

Communication apps are different from dating apps or other categories of chat apps because customers use them to keep in touch with people they know. From this point of view, there is one aspect that convinces people to choose a certain messaging app. They will select the app used by their friends. This is another proof that online community matters a lot. And knowing this fact offers you a lot of advantages. First of all, you have to make sure that you offer all kinds of solutions when people want to invite somebody to join the discussion. Secondly, you should focus on groups of users, not on individuals. If you convince an influential member of the group about the value of the app, then the number of your users will grow exponentially. This way, you will maximize your results with minimum effort. At this point, you can observe how Discord encourages gamers to chat about their passion.

Final Thoughts

Communication apps represent a special category which allows users to keep in touch with people they care about. This means that they will search for the best app that offers them the wanted features for a remarkable experience. Apply the tricks presented above and make sure that your app is the response to their demands!

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