How To Promote Comics Apps

Like with any other activities, reading comics has switched from magazines to mobile apps. Today is all about comics apps and if you own this kind of app you will be glad that you read our blog. We intend to make a list of the most effective ways to present your product in front of your audience.

Business Model

First of all, we need to figure out how to monetize these entertaining apps. While Comics represent a special category on Google Play Store, on Apple App Store they are integrated into Books or you can find them in the Entertainment section. Since we already discussed Books and Entertainment apps you know what to do in this case. But let’s take a look at the situation presented by App Annie before making a decision. While some apps focus on offering the wanted comics others provide a lot of options for creating a great adventure when users enjoy their favorite titles. After analyzing users’ preferences we must say that subscription is the most common paying model. Now, the price varies according to the solutions offered.

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How To Promote Comics Apps

As we said earlier, comics apps aren’t created for the wide audience but you already know that. The point is to use some smart methods to attract that special group of people interested to read comics in this new mobile format.

New Experience

Let’s make this one clear! Using smartphones for reading comics has multiple advantages. First of all, users can open them anytime and anywhere. Secondly, they also can share their impressions with other comics fans. Thirdly, this digital environment is the perfect way to take this activity to the next level. Adding sounds and other visual effects make users feel that they are part of the action. It is true that you need to maintain the core of comics but nothing stops you to enhance the experience in order to attract more and more customers. You definitely should check Madefire because you will have a better understanding of the reasons why you should provide more than classic comic books adapted for the small screen.

Organized Collections

It is known the fact that every comic book hobbyist has a way to organize his collection. Mobile devices offer various solutions for comics fans when it comes to maintaining a certain order and some innovative ways to read every issue acquired. Other advantages provided by mobile space are that they can adjust the brightness and they have more settings available for creating the right reading environment. They also have the possibility to mark their favorite titles or to add some observations and comments. Additionally, you should offer them multiple formats and options for protecting their collections with a password. Further, they should be able to download a title for later reading without an internet connection. These are only a few of readers’ demands but feel free to impress them with many other solutions and tools for transforming them into loyal users. ComiCat is a great example here. Just look how interesting books are arranged on the bookshelf. And this is only one of the multiple facilities offered by the app for users who want to have a handy way to manage their comics.

Comics Fans

We said before that you need to offer everything your users want. But how can you know which are the features that will impress them? There is a fine line between providing the most attractive app and cluttering it with all kinds of useless options. The trick (which is well known by our readers) is to communicate with your audience. Find a way to connect with them and personalize the entire experience. The only thing comics fans like to do more than reading comics is to talk about comics. Participate in online discussions and go to events for meeting your users in real life. Moreover, you can gather their email addresses or other contact information. This way you can send them messages according to their preferences, like announcing them when a new issue is available. Building a community around your app is the best way to discover what users want and to let them know about the improvements added to your app. Just like Marvel, the famous entertainment platform rewards its fans with unique prizes. Keep in mind that this technique works even if you are not one of the biggest companies in the industry. But you must offer them some valuable promo products. As you can see, Marvel app is one of the top grossing in this category.

Comics Unlimited

It is great to offer an intuitive app but this is only a small part of your entire strategy. After you load it will all those features required by your users you need to do something more. For comics fans, it is very important to have an impressive library and various options to choose from. This will convince them to pay that fixed price you set for a monthly or yearly subscription in order to receive everything they want. This strategy isn’t for those customers who open your app every now and then. Instead, it will be very advantageous for loyal customers who are always there, searching for the most interesting titles. This will help them saving money because they won’t have to pay for every issue. ComiXology, an online platform for comics and manga has a great app with more than 100,000 solutions. And for the Unlimited option, it offers also 7 – day trial.

Final Thoughts

Comics is a special category of apps created for entertaining people but it targets certain groups of users. The experience offered by the mobile ecosystem is without a doubt different than the classic way of collecting and reading comic books. But this doesn’t need to be a bad thing. It really depends on the features offered by your app and the way you interact with your customers. If you understand their love for comics, then you will be able to bring your app in front of them and to make them appreciate your work.

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