How To Promote Card Games

If there is one category of games which users play just to pass time that is Card Games. But this doesn’t mean that app owners don’t struggle to promote their products, because one thing is sure. With millions of games that look and do the same it is very hard to stand out.

Business Model

Let’s observe some of the most popular card games, for a better understanding of their success. On Google Play Store and Apple App Store most of the apps in this category are free – to – play, but they offer in – app purchases. On the one hand, users can download the app without the price barrier and on the other hand, they can enjoy it without ads and with additional features in case they become addicted. Usually, this happens with bigger games, but card games are powerful enough to entertain users for hours. Of course, there are also famous games, for which people prefer to pay a fixed price and to forget about other purchases. It is about setting your goals from the start. Do you want more players or just the ones that agree to download a paid app? It depends on the awesomeness of your app and the app store. You must know that users are more willing to pay for an app installed on iOS devices than for an Android app. You can read more about the differences between both platforms in a previous article on our blog.

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Google Play Card Games 

iOS Card Games


How To Promote Card Games

It is true that playing a real card game is always fun but bringing a deck of cards with you when you wait for a bus or at the restaurant when you wait for your date isn’t so great. A better alternative is to download a mobile app. And for app owners, it is crucial to make sure that users find their product. Let’s see how!


If you pay more attention to the images displayed above, you will observe that the first two games on both app markets are Solitaire. You probably remember it and most certainly you’ve even played it on your PC. People often become nostalgic and love to remember classic games that were part of their lives before this mobile era. Nobody says that you have to copy and to present exactly the same game as the desktop version but being able to recreate the same atmosphere is definitely an advantage for your entire strategy. We already talked about Heads Up! which continues to be the favorite game of iOS users even if it is based on charades and it is a paid app. We invite you to read again the story, to understand how it is possible to reach this type of success. Going back to Solitaire, we will show you the official mobile game created by Microsoft which is the perfect proof of what we want to demonstrate.


There are three options when it comes to spreading the word about your app. The first one is to make sure that your game is so great that people will want to talk about it. Sure, this is a general rule, no matter your app category, but when you have so many competitors to fight against with so many similar apps, like card games, it becomes a must. We always say to make your game unique and we really mean it. In this case, it is a little difficult but adding an extra feature which entertains more your users is definitely worth the time and trouble. A great example here is Deck Heroes: Legacy which is one of the most appreciated CCG (Collectible Card Games). Just take a look at the game and you will understand our point.


Now that you have an amazing game, you need to make sure that people talk about your creation. At this point, it would be great to create a community around your app. The social aspect is very important for all types of games. Allow us to remind you that Reigns borrowed the idea for the game mechanics from Tinder. “Swipe left or right” worked for a dating app and also for a card game. In the same time, you need to allow users to express their opinions, to share their artwork and to invite their friends to the game. Take advantage of user-generated content. When it comes to community, Clash Royale is an inspiration for all app owners. Even though you will find it in Strategy, it offers cards based on Clash of Clans and it is #1 in top grossing apps. Supercell really knows the secret of success!

It’s Your Turn!

So far, so good! You have an amazing app and players share their passion for the game. There is somebody here who can do more. And that’s you! It is not the first time when we say that app owners are the best promoters of their products. Connect with potential users and talk about your creation. There are plenty of forums and websites which can help you when you want to tell the story of your app. Take Quora, for example. Of course, you have to play by the rules, but it is a great environment to let users know that your app is available for them. When a user asks “What are some good card games apps you can find on Google Play Store?” one of the answers points to Hearthstone and it is obvious why. Well, this topic is a good occasion to present your app. So, what are you waiting for?

Final Thoughts

It is essential to make your game visible to users who want to spend their free time in a fun way. But making them coming back and even convincing them to pay for certain in-app items is harder. And when it comes to card games these are definitely some real challenges. If you manage to create an app that engages players from the first moment they open the game and if you make people talk about your creation, then you can be sure that you are on the right track to reach success!

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