How To Promote Bitcoin Apps

Everybody talks about bitcoin. The amazing evolution of this cryptocurrency influences the way people perceive digital money. Because this is a relatively new domain the main question is: To use or not to use bitcoin? Of course, we can’t answer this question. In the same time, more and more mobile apps are built around this service due to skyrocketed app installs in this category since 2014, revealed by Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data. We like to support app owners and for this reason we will try to show you some methods that will help you to bring your app in front of potential users. We want to make it clear from the beginning that the purpose of this article isn’t to convince people to use bitcoin. We just want to help app owners find the right techniques for promoting their apps while they provide the best services for their users. So, let’s proceed.


Business Model

Bitcoin isn’t actually a category. This type of apps is part of Finance apps. In fact, if we check App Annie again for both major platforms we observe that there are some differences between the lists presented a few weeks ago and the latest results when it comes to Finance apps. It seems that for users in the United States the preferences have changed and bitcoin apps are among the favorite financial tools for free and paid apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This is the best proof for the huge popularity of bitcoin apps. Even on this dynamic market, you can still apply the theory discussed in the article about how to promote finance apps, in case you are not sure about the best business model for your app.

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How To Promote Bitcoin Apps

You are probably thinking that you don’t need to market your bitcoin app because people are already interested in this type of tools. That couldn’t be more wrong. Bitcoin isn’t a perfect service and users demand flawless results every time they download an app no matter from which category. Therefore, you should invest many resources into promoting your creation. It is pointless to mention that you also need to pay attention to the way you design it if you want to attract valuable users. Let’s see the most important elements which will influence your strategy.


Despite the name, cryptocurrency is not that encrypted. For this reason, security is by far the most important feature you should add to your app. People are very reserved when they need to change their habits or when there are things they can’t control. The novelty of this service scares a lot of users from the start. And that is available especially with Bitcoin because all transactions are stored publicly. So, before you proceed with any marketing techniques you must pay attention to this important stage and after that you need to assure customers that your app is safe. Maybe this is the reason why Coinbase is among the most appreciate bitcoin apps. It promises bank level security for protecting users’ transactions and even more important it allows users to disable phone’s access if their device is lost or stolen.

Easy To Handle

We want to remind you that user experience makes the difference between a mediocre app and a professional one. And this idea is emphasized by the new and unknown territory represented by cryptocurrency. If you want to convince people that your app is the best among other similar available on the app store you should provide an easy – to – use tool for all kinds of users. Some of them are tech experts while others just wanted to try this new app that everybody talks about.
Information is the key and you have to give users all the details they need for avoiding certain challenges that may appear. Keep everything simple and help customers understanding the entire process. A good example in this area is Blockchain – Bitcoin Wallet which provide a friendly interface for its users.


With cryptocurency users never know for sure the next move they need to make. The price can go up or down in a short period of time. It is a very stressful situation for customers, especially for beginners. For this reason it is very important to send them messages and to give them all the data needed for making the best decisions. Every small detail counts for offering them a better perspective of their transactions.
Take a look at the huge list of features offered by Crypto Pro: Bitcoin Ticker and you will observe why it is among the most appreciated even though it charges almost $5 dollars from users who want to download it. Note for app owners: There is nothing wrong to show the price of your work when you provide something useful. For example, rich notifications and portfolio with gain / loss calculation are among the most valuable tools.

Fiat Currencies

Of course, bitcoin wallet can be considered as usual wallet which means that customers shouldn’t use their account for depositing their values. For this reason Revolut is the go – to app when it comes to exchange money between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. Even though it is a banking app, Revolut is the only app which allows users to exchange their local coins into bitcoins and to take advantage of this payment system without charging huge fees. And this aspect is one of the most important for users.

Final Thoughts

There is more to say about cryptocurrency in general and about bitcoin in particular but these are our main recommendation when it comes to engage users with your app. It is crucial to build a helpful tool which will convince users about the utility of your creation. We advise everybody to be careful and to analyze all the variables involved into the process before making transactions with cryptocurrency. We will continue to study this trend and we will keep writing on App Samurai Blog about the evolution of this payment system. For the moment we invite our readers to share their thoughts and their experience with bitcoin apps in the comments. We will be happy to hear your opinion!

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