How To Promote Auto And Vehicles Apps

Cars and smartphones are everywhere around us, but what is the connection between these two? Of course, mobile apps! Whether you want to sell your car or to buy a new one or to improve the way you drive, all you need is an Auto & Vehicles app. Knowing that app owners implement intelligent solutions to offer a better experience for drivers. If you have a product like that then you should continue reading because today we want to share with you a few techniques for promoting your apps.

Business Model

Although in theory app markets should be similar, in reality, same apps belong to different categories. A similar thing happens with auto and vehicles apps. There is a category with this name on Google Play but if you want to find this type of apps on Apple App Store you should check Productivity apps. We will show you two recent reports from App Annie for users in the United States in order to observe the latest trends when it comes to deciding the best monetization model for your app. As you probably noticed by now, the apps that help users to buy or sell cars are free with in-app purchase, while the ones that offer premium features or other special facilities are included in the paid section. Now, it is your turn to decide the pricing system for your app based on the reasons why customers download your product.

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iOS top productivity apps on United States

Google Play top auto and vehicles apps on United States


How To Promote Auto And Vehicles Apps

And because you know how to promote productivity apps, we will give you some directions for increasing the visibility of your auto and vehicles app.

Social Media

As we said earlier, in many situations the app helps users or app owners to sell cars. So, we can say that the app itself is a promotional tool but let’s not forget that there are also people who want to buy a car. The question is how to bring the app in front of the audience in order to increase the interest for the products presented in the app? The answer is to bring those groups together: the ones who sell cars with the ones who want to buy them. Of course, this is the purpose of the app but there are many more mediums which do the same thing. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Quora, Reddit. You can use any of these channels to talk about your app and to help your users reach their goals. And this strategy works even if your app was built just to help users while they’re driving. Let’s take for example Android Auto app and all the videos on YouTube which present its features. Sure, Google owns YouTube but nothing stops you to use the same approach.


We already told you how efficient can be to discuss your app with people attending an event. Whether you are there, on the stage, presenting your app or you came just to see the new technologies presented, you can connect with people in your industry and to convince them about the utility of your app. Be confident and make sure they understand the features offered by your creation. The best part of this strategy is that people come to these conferences interested in discovering new things. This way you have the chance to join the discussions and to promote your app. We will mention here Volvo’s campaign which brings to the market an innovative product, Care by Volvo. This is an app that allows users to subscribe to a car. Actually, the point was to use the app for selling the new XC40 model. But both, the car and the app were introduced at LA Auto Show. Yes, the concept is new and it seems that customers appreciate it.


Talking about innovation, Internet of Things is a domain full of challenges but it offers great advantages for app owners who implement this new technology. It isn’t easy to build this kind of apps but the benefits offered encourages developers to follow this path and to provide all kinds of facilities when drivers want to enhance their cars’ performances. Nowadays there are many apps which provide advanced solutions. We can discuss a plethora of features offered by connected cars. These apps take care of vehicle maintenance, allow users to personalize their experience, improving their driving style and help them save on gas. Take a look at Dash and observe all the services offered for a more efficient way to use a car.

Local Markets

There are situations when a great number of users isn’t the best KPI for your business. What’s the point in having millions of customers if you can’t convince them to buy your products? If you invested in a strategy to acquire new users only for watching them how they uninstall your app, then you’ve wasted your money. As we always say, you need to focus on your target audience. You need customers interested in your app and with high lifetime value. If you want to know more about CPI and the tools that can help you obtain the wanted results we invite you to read the article published by VentureBeat. Now, going back to our discussion about different groups of users, there are auto and vehicles apps created for certain geographical areas. For example, AutoScout24 sells cars and motorbikes in Europe. There are no reasons to showcase their products for people in Asia, for example.

Final Thoughts

Auto and vehicles apps are smart tools which help users whenever they need to buy or sell a car and to enjoy all kinds of facilities while driving. For app owners, it is recommended to take advantage of the latest innovations and to build strategies for attracting valuable users in order to maximize their ROI. It isn’t easy but there are technologies built for this purpose and if you need extra help, we are always here!

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