How To Promote Art And Design Apps

Art and design apps represent another category made for a special group of people. Not everybody uses a smartphone for creating or admiring art. Today we will talk about apps that allow users to be creative. And more than that, we want to attract art lovers and to convince them about the value of your app.

Business Model

Even though this type of apps have their own category on Google Play Store called (of course!) Art & Design, they can be found everywhere in the app store. Probably this is the reason why Apple App Store hasn’t a special place for these apps. If an app teaches users about art, it can be found in Education or Reference. In case artists want to share their work they can do that with a social networking app. And if people want to create interesting images, there are plenty of apps in Photo And Video category. The point is that there is art everywhere! The name of that specific category isn’t important. But you still need to monetize your app. The trick for finding the right business model is to discover your users’ preferences. Do they agree to pay for the app before using it? Or, is it better to allow them to try the free version before showing the premium options? This is your decision. We will share with you the lists presented by App Annie for Art & Design apps on Google Play Store and for Photo and Video on Apple App Store for all users in the United States. Pay attention to these trends and observe what users want!

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How To Promote Art And Design Apps

It is time to show you the best ways to present your creation.


Just like with real canvases, artists make sure they have everything they need to create their work of art. The most important aspect of an app created for art is to provide the best possible features. Nobody will speak about it if it doesn’t have some special tools. What’s the point of downloading it if it similar to the rest of the apps? You need to offer to your users something unique, something valuable that allows them to be more creative or to admire art in a delightful way. Make sure everything is easy to use and very intuitive. It is useless to provide a great number of brushes if your audience can’t understand how to use them. Be prepared to add more features if artists need them. Just take a look at Infinite Painter and the plethora of tools that can transform an amateur into a professional artist.


The key element in art is creativity. In the same time, you need to use your imagination for increasing the visibility of your app. Find new ways to communicate with art lovers. You have to interact with your audience if you want them to discover your creation. Going back to your app, if users are able to improve their skills or to enhance their creation with text or other attractive elements, it is even better. Who says that only famous artists can make art? Probably one of your users is the next Picasso. How many times did you want to have a pen and a paper to draw something? You probably had an idea and you just wanted to make a little sketch or an entire paint. The same thing happens to your users. At that moment, all they need is a smart app that makes spectacular things. A great example of creative app is PaperDraw. It is like drawing on paper without killing trees!


Because we are talking about design let’s clarify some aspects. First of all, make sure that you fix all glitches. You won’t reach success if your app freezes in front of your users. Communicate with artists and discover the most used tools. After that, eliminate the useless ones. It is all about user experience. Just remember how Canva did it. This app started from the idea that everything needs to be as simple as possible. And when you think about it, this is the purpose of using smartphones; to make our lives easier and more interesting. Allow your users to organize their work in a smart way. They need to focus on their art, not on the way your app should function. A clean interface convinces artists that your product is a good option for them. Take for example SketchBook which helps users to draw anytime and anywhere.


For artists, it is awesome to have clever tools that make it possible to create amazing paintings and with a clear design which allows them to use their imagination but the social element is one of the most important nowadays. This strategy is available for almost all kinds of apps. A community that shares the same passion and encourages them to express their feelings through art is the secret of a successful mobile app. Offer to your audience the chance to showcase their work and to observe people’s opinions about their style. It makes a big difference knowing that after they finish their drawings, other users and even professional artists will admire their art. On the other hand, having a place where they can show their talent encourages them to continue to use your app. A very interesting idea is behind Ibis Paint X. Artists can record themselves drawing and to share the video with everybody and art lovers are able to download other users’ artwork. This way, the artist is not the only one that gains popularity!

Final Thoughts

Promoting a mobile app is definitely an art! You need to exhibit the main features of your app and to talk about the benefits provided by your product. You have to decide what works best for your creation and to apply those techniques when you build your strategy. The key is to have the right tools and the inspiration for presenting your work of art!

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