Fueled by Data and Technology for Powerful Results

We offer you pinpoint solutions to reach global growth, acquire engaged users, and carry your app to success.


We are an integrated platform that connects advertisers with publishers to reach the right mobile user with the right message at the right time in a secure way with full transparency.

Brand Awareness 

We dedicate ourselves to better understand the people behind the mobile screen to captivate them with your brand stories. Our creative studio enables us to use the most innovative and impactful ad formats to ensure an elevated user experience and a high level of engagement.


We promise to maximize your revenue in a 100% publisher-safe environment! With our data-driven in-house technology, our system delivers the best fitting ads to target your audience. Hence, we supercharge eCPMs, your ARPDAU & LTV.

Stop fraud at UA level.

We automatically get the insights generated by our own AI-based optimization engine according to our huge historical data

You are in good company

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