Give The Green Light To Your App: Win $3500 Free Ad Credit!

Hello everyone! Guess what? After some time passed by our last campaign, Spring Harvest, we are here with the new one!!
We want to put the planet in the center of this challenge. It is because we want to evoke some humanistic feelings with each campaign as well as helping you raise your mobile app. With this purpose, we will give rewards to three of you at the end of that campaign.
But before that, let us explain what 350 really means!

Does 350 mean anything for you? What would this number be about? Let me give you a clue, it is about the environment. Residual life of the planet, the number of extinct animals, the number of forests..?

No, it is about CO2!! 
350 is the most important number in the world. It’s the maximum amount of CO2 in parts per million that scientists say the earth’s atmosphere can safely hold. Above that level, Nasa scientist James Hansen says we can’t have a planet “similar to the one on which civilization developed or to which life on earth is adapted”.
Let’s give a break for a second and talk about the details of our Green Light campaign;


See The Campaign Details! 🌴

So, we want to call the importance of 350 up with this campaign. 3 app owners will get free ad credits amounted 5000$ by just attending our campaign.

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The campaign has ended. See the results here!

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We Need To Save The Planet! 🌎

Okay, let’s get back to the topic. The 350 represents the ppm of carbon in the atmosphere that leading scientists have determined the upper limit of what is a safe level for the survival of the planet.
Here is how we get a safe climate future;

  • When possible, walk or ride your bike
  • Insulate your home
  • Turn off lights you’re not using
  • Add solar panels to the roof of your home
  • Eat locally-produced and organic food
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED ones
  • Make energy-efficient choices when choosing a new furniture
  • Make water-efficient choices when purchasing showerhead, faucet head, toilets, dishwasher and washing machine
  • Buy used products and resell or recycle items you no longer use

Clean air, clean water, wholesome foods and a love for ourselves and others are the prime directives we need to stay focused on to sustain this planet. If we take actions with these simple motivating principles, we can heal ourselves and the planet.

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How We Will Choose the Winners

As you know, we care transparency in our campaigns so let’s clarify our evaluation process and explain you the path to winners.

  • First, we will eliminate the attendees who don’t meet our rules of participation.
  • We created an in-house committee to evaluate the apps.
  • We will divide the remaining apps into 10 categories for each of our committee member.
  • Our committee members will evaluate the apps according to specified criteria and give apps points according to our point scoring system.
  • After this first round, we will pick the best 10 apps and ask our committee to give points for apps according to the same point scoring system. At the end of this evaluation process, we will have the winners!

Points to Consider

  • The campaign will end on 5th June 2018, and the results will be announced on 10th June 2018.
  • You need to use an attribution tool like TUNE or Adjust to let us show you the correct results.
  • You need to create your first campaign within 1 week after your credit loaded to your account.

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