Celebrate The Spring By Winning Free Ad Credit!

We are at the beginning of the spring. Nature is blowing away the cobwebs. The trees are blooming. The grass is greening. The earth is awakening.
Maybe, the birds are getting crazy 😂[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

In Japanese culture that has the origin of Samurai, people celebrates the end of the dismal winter and the beginning of the spring under Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Trees.
As App Samurai, we want to celebrate the coming of spring together with you by giving $5000 to 3 apps totally! It helps your app revive and bring the success and good luck.

Here Are The Campaign Details 💪

Let’s start with the prizes. We based the reward of this campaign on the origin of the cherry blossom trees. Around 3,000 cherry trees were given to the United States by Japan as a gift of friendship. So,

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The campaign has ended. See the results here!

The Meaning Of Sakura

Think of a tree blooming in hundreds for just handful of days each year. It lets people live under tiny, delicately pinkish-hued blossoms for a while. It celebrates the end of the dismal winter and the beginning of the spring.
I am talking about “Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Tree”. It is a symbolic metaphor for renewal in Japan culture. As the seasons shift from winter to spring, the Sakura blossoms fascinatingly for just three weeks of the year. Shortly after, the wind blows and the blooms away, but it still gives its all energy into its roots to become resilient tree throughout spring, summer, and autumn. It weathers during winter and rebirth each spring. With this aspect, they are a matter of life thanks to its overwhelming beauty and death due to blooming for a short time.

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Ancient Samurai explored the spirit of Sakura inside their soul which makes cherry blossom trees more important for us. It was their duty to not only exemplify and preserve their virtues in life but to appreciate the inevitability of death without fearing it.
As App Samurai, we want to memorialize the soul of Samurai and celebrate the coming of spring with you! 🌸
In honor of this short and magical period of the time, we would like to sprinkle the fairy dust on your app to revive it and bring the success and good luck.

How We Will Choose the Winners

As you know, we care transparency in our campaigns so let’s clarify our evaluation process and explain you the path to winners.

  • First, we will eliminate the attendees who don’t meet our rules of participation.
  • We created an in-house committee to evaluate the apps.
  • We will divide the remaining apps into 10 categories for each of our committee member.
  • Our committee members will evaluate the apps according to specified criteria and give apps points according to our point scoring system.
  • After this first round, we will pick the best 10 apps and ask our committee to give points for apps according to the same point scoring system. At the end of this evaluation process, we will have the winners!

Points to Consider

  • The campaign will end on 17th April 2018, and the results will be announced on 20th April 2018.
  • You need to use an attribution tool like TUNE or Adjust to let us show you the correct results.
  • You need to create your first campaign within 1 week after your credit loaded to your account.

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