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    Women In Tech: An Interview With Successful Developers


    International Women’s Day is a call for change. People around the world are mobilizing for a future that is more equal. The roots of this day based on demanding rights. Today, we can see how the power and courage of women are beautifying and coloring the world in a better sense. One of its reflection belongs to the technology. They have a role from the most basic areas to the most complex ones.

    As you know, development industry is a male-dominant sector numerically. But, people’s awareness is raising about the fact that there is no occupation which has gender.
    As a result, the number of women developers has been increasing day by day. In order to contribute to this awareness, we conducted interviews with reputable developers.
    In this interview, you can explore the journeys of successful developers. We hope it would be an inspiration for women who want to be a developer but hesitating about taking the first step because of the male-dominance as a number in the industry. Lastly, we believe the number of women developer in this field will increase more and more.
    It is time to leave you with our dear interview participants!👇

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