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    Why You Should Invest in Mobile Video Ads


    In recent years, mobile devices have become a dominant source for marketers to connect with their audience. The mere fact that mobile phones are now used for just about everything justifies its popularity in the modern world. Mobile marketing is rapidly replacing traditional forms of advertising, and with the growing trend of marketers entering the mobile app industry; marketers are more and more concerned about finding ways to promote their software effectively. Therefore, we will have a look at why you should be putting in the time and effort in mobile marketing via video advertisements.


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    Effectively Convenient

    With a video, you can show what your app is capable of in a matter of seconds. As marketers thrive to have their apps recognized, video ads can provide an opportunity for them to have their message conveyed within 30 seconds or less. Mobile video ads can tend to be much more convenient for a user to see than read a long description about the specific app.
    It is true that more and more people are moving away from television and even desktops to smartphones. And this opens the gate for app developers to reach a high number of audiences globally. Several studies have shown that individuals who view a video are more likely to engage with the application being advertised as compared to other forms of media such as text and images. This alone can serve as a reason why you should be investing a fair amount of effort in creating a mobile video advertisement.

    Selective Audience

    Another benefit of programmatic marketing is the ability to choose exactly whom you are marketing to. Mobile applications tend to be very specific and often belong to a niche market. Even games are often categorized into different genres like a puzzle, action, etc. So the audience who are viewing your promotion video needs to be someone that should has the capability of turning into a potential customer.
    With mobile marketing, you can carry out exactly this. What bots usually do is that they would track the users with the preferences that meet the ad’s criteria and then filter the relevant ads to the user. This alone has made a massive impact in the history of advertising as it makes sure that the right person sees the right ad at the right time. Secondly, the video you’ve made can also be localized.
    Technological advancement allows programmatic ad campaigns to make use of device IDs and therefore market your apps accordingly. Hence, if you plan to market an app that targets a particular city or town, then localizing your video ads will make sure that they pop up on the devices of the concerned people, which will then allow for the users to download your application.

    Social Media and the ‘Viral Effect’

    The key to the success of any form of marketing is for the promotion to spread like a virus. This certainly tends to be the case for online social networks where anything that goes viral is sure to pop up on millions of mobile screens. And nothing tends to get more ‘views’ and engagement than a viral video. YouTube is proof with some videos racking over a billion views.
    Social media, being a free platform to utilize, can help your mobile video become viral and ultimately have those viewers download your application. The ‘virality’ of your campaign, however, will highly depend on how you execute it. But should your videos be different and appealing to the viewer, it will spread like fire. The easy sharing capabilities of social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook has given marketers a huge chance to have their application recognized all across the world. This has been made easier through many social networks that have successfully integrated themselves for mobile functionality.
    While the best part is that a programmatic campaign or a simple promotion makes way for more organic downloads. Not only will this get you more people to download your app, but these people will also be more qualified. They saw your app in action before downloading it, they were aware of its notion and have a basic understanding of how it works. They know why they downloaded your app, and they can learn to use it quicker.

    A Good Way to Communicate

    Mobile video ads don’t only help a marketer get his or her app onto the screens of different users worldwide, but can also be a decent way for developers to convert visitors into actual customers. If your video campaign is gaining attention, it doesn’t guarantee you people downloading your app and keeping it on their mobiles.
    Keeping someone satisfied with an application means new updates and similar app releases. With videos, you will be able to show your users new upcoming in-app updates, in-app purchasable goodies and even inform them about any similar application you or a third-party app developer is releasing. So if you tend to own several apps with similar audiences, mobile marketing will also help you effectively promote your apps to your existing customers.

    What Does the Future Hold for Mobile Marketing

    BI Intelligence statistics shows how rapidly mobile video advertising revenue is growing with estimates claiming growth to reach around 39.5% for mobile devices by the year 2020. Also, mobile networks continue to make services like 4G connectivity readily available for users. The future for marketing online through mobile devices seems bright creating an opportunity for entrepreneurs and marketers alike to earn improved profits and marketing efficiency.

    Lastly, if you define yourself as a rising app developer or simply an entrepreneur, tapping into the mobile video ads industry will prove to be an astute move. So get your creative juices flowing and start right away on you video advertisement that might just become the next viral sensation of all video ad campaigns.

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