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    Why And How To Invest In Email Marketing For Your App


    After we open our eyes in the morning, we take our phones which are always there and we all check our social pages; maybe something (important or not) happened during our sleep! And the next step is to open the Inbox folder of our mail account to see what new messages we received. Aren’t these the first moves of every person in this mobile era? Yes, they are. And this customers’ behavior is essential for mobile marketing. If we talked about Social Media Marketing For Mobile Apps, now is the moment to discuss the insights of Email Marketing. This is a relevant channel for mobile users as statistics prove it, but it is decisive to understand the right approach when you reach your users through email messages.

    4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Email Marketing

    Let’s see why it is so important to pay attention to this marketing method and all the characteristics that make it complementary to other strategies.

    To Reach Users Who Don’t Enable Push Notifications

    Do you remember our article about Push Notifications Vs In-app Messaging? We said that push notifications and in – app messages have some kind of connection because you can use push notifications to convince users to go back to your app and to discover in – app messages. In the same time, you can use in – app messages to ask users to opt – in for push notification. But, if they don’t enable push notifications and they never go back to your app how can you break this circle? You can do that through emails, of course. This is a good solution to reach your users and to show them the value of your app.

    To Send Useful Content To Your Users

    You have something important to communicate to your users and you don’t know how? This is what we are talking about here. Users are eager to discover any advantageous information, especially through email because they know it is a good channel to gather all the useful data, even more if we talk about sales or promotional offers. Besides text, you can add images and video. Rich content will engage users even more and you will reach your scope.

    To Engage With Your Users

    It is not enough to create a great list of addresses. You need to invest time and effort to create interesting emails, so users will have a smile on their faces when they will see your name in the Inbox folder. Emails allow you to connect with users and to make them realize that they can use your emails in the same form that they use your app, as a solution for their problems.

    To Acquire More Users And Go Viral

    You can use email campaigns to encourage users to download your app and to spread the word about it. Again, valuable content will convince them to share your email and your app and to make your message and your app to go viral. You don’t know How To Make Your App Go Viral? Well, we wrote an article about that, too, where we share the benefits and tips about how to increase the discoverability of an app and how to raise it in top of its category.

    5 Best Practices of Mail Marketing

    If you want to be sure that you will have the best results you need to act in the best possible way, because a bad strategy will make you lose time, money and of course, users.

    Personalize Your Emails

    If you don’t make any efforts to know your users and to send them useful content targeting their preferences then you should think about other solutions to promote your app. With tools available this days it is easy to follow users’ behavior and to send them the desired message. Do you see the difference between “Hello, user of my app” and “Hello, John”? Using the second option they will have the feeling that somebody looks after them, understanding their needs. If you are there to help them, you will help you, actually. This will create a better bond between customer and brand.

    Find The Best Times And Frequency To Send Emails

    All people’s greatest fear when sharing their email addresses is to receive too many and too persistent messages. It is a good idea to let them know how often you will send those emails and what kind of content they will receive. Follow your users’ past activity and create a schedule for your emails. Be careful about receivers’ time zone and translate them if you target other countries.

    Work On Segmentation To Increase Retention

    To create more effective campaign, a good practice is to focus on groups of people that meet the same criteria. It is a waste of effort and you can cause annoyance to send everybody in your list, emails that target only users younger than 34 years old or messages that are appropriate only for women. We wrote an article on App User Segmentation that can inspire you.

    Start Before Launching Your App

    In our previous article, 8 Tips For Successful Pre-Launch App Marketing Strategy, we mentioned that one of the steps required to be made for an effective marketing campaign before launching your app is to introduce your app to users from the moment you are starting to create it and email communication is one of the best methods to do that. Generating an email campaign you will receive valuable feedback from users before your app is uploaded to market. It is so important to understand what activities are relevant for your users and which are the features considered usel

    ess before you implement them. It spares you a lot of work done in vain.

    Don’t Only Talk About Yourself

    Yes, your app is important, but in center of the message should be the user and how his life will be improved by your app. It doesn’t matter if it is the best app in the world if he will not be convinced that your app will change his way of doing things. Concentrate your content around users’ interests and they won’t feel that you actually showcase your app.

    Final Thoughts

    Today we all agree that email marketing is an important channel to get in touch with your users and to attract new ones because it has all the necessary elements which can help you promote not only your app but your entire brand. A great customer base will bring you the benefits that other methods can’t provide. Follow our practices and take action to offer your users what you know they will appreciate.

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