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    Time to Win! Special Weekend Offer For App Developers­čÄü


    And here we are again­čÄë­čÄŐ
    Glad we helped more than 50 app developers with our great prizes by now and weÔÇÖre happy to launch another free ad credit campaign to give a chance to your app to grow!
    We know it is very hard to raise your app and reach your goals in fiercely competitive app stores. You need to put some effort and reasonable amount of money to reach your desired audience.
    But, donÔÇÖt worry! WeÔÇÖre here to make things easier for you! Today, we are proud to announce our fourth free ad credit campaign for app startups, indies and developers.
    Here are the details about our new amazing campaign!


    For 2 App Developer


    This campaign is over now, you can see the winners list in our announcement post. Stay tuned for our next campaign­čśë

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