Still Have Time to Get Your $1000 Ad Credit!

Today, we are very proud of playing host to such a big offer for startups!
As you dear entrepreneurs know, on November 22, we started a campaign offering amazing prizes like $1000 ad credit. As of today, 421 entrepreneurs joined to our campaign in order to grab a chance to win these amazing awards. And it continues to rise!
We would like to express our thanks to all participants! So glad we have you.
Now we want to show you some statistics among participants according to their app categories and countries.
As you can see from the chart below, 72% of attendees are from the Games category. Lifestyle, entertainment, and finance are the following categories of participants.
When we look at the country distribution, we see that United States is in the first place with 40%. India, South Korea, and Brazil is also in the Top 4!
Again and again, we thanks to all of the participants for their trust and collaboration! Don’t forget that we ‘re always here to have a cup of tea after the campaign, too.
However, we have also good news for the ones who have not joined yet. You still have time to be part of this campaign and have a chance to win amazing prizes. By the way, it’s not over with free ad credits. In the case that you win, our professional mobile marketing team will motive you to make you reach the success you imagine! So it is more than a “credit” prize for you.
As Emre stated before, we are aware of that it is not easy to work with ad networks, impossible to work with big agencies and advanced tools because of entry barriers. The only channel available for startups to promote their apps seems to be social media but this channel is not feasible because of increasing cost to acquire thousands of users in a day.
We know all these deficiencies and want to be your trusted partner during your success journey with our mobile advertising tool. We have optimized CPI data, ad network optimization model based on categories, needed download data for boost campaigns and deep know how for more than 20 countries. We have an engine which we are trying to improve every day, we are improving the product in order to be startups’ performance marketing partner. No need for Insertion Orders, no huge caps to start a campaign, no need to get your financials or details. We want to make it simple and clean.
However, we are also aware that our platform need your support to be perfect. This is why, we give a chance for startups to gain free ad credits to create their own ad campaigns on App Samurai. All you need to do is fill out the form in the link below and sign up to App Samurai. Then give feedback to help us to build your performance marketing product and have a chance to be one of 9 startups who won free ad credits!
Our respectable committee will determine the winners for each prize and we will announce the results on December 15, 2016.
To learn more about or to join the campaign and get closer to your $1000 ad credit, click the button below!
UPDATE: The campaign is ended. You can see the winners and subscribe to our mail list to be informed when we launch a new campaign here.


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