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    Simple and Effective: The New AppSamurai Dashboard


    AppSamurai dashboard has undergone a tremendous change, and the new dashboard went live in October! These further modifications greatly simplify and speed up the processes of starting, managing, and reporting campaigns. To give our consumers the most excellent possible user experience, we constantly improve ourselves by listening to feedback and analyzing emerging needs. 

    Let’s check out these modifications:

    • A Brand New UI 

    Its entire user interface (UI) has been revised to reflect AppSamurai’s new branding, including its updated logo, colors, and fonts. The unique Samurai appearance will help users become familiar with AppSamurai and raise brand awareness. Along with branding concerns, we also wanted to ensure the platform was user-friendly and easy to navigate.

    • Metric Cards & Graphs: An Advertiser’s Best Friends

    As you log into the dashboard, you are presented with metric cards that display clicks, installs, events, and spending. This summary provides users with a quick and easy way to view the primary metrics they want to view all at once. In addition to metric cards, we have included a graph tool that presents campaign metrics analytically. Users can select two metrics at once, and view their graphs instantly.

    •  OEM Campaigns Available on the Dashboard

    In the former dashboard, users would launch OEM campaigns via the User Acquisition page, and we would guide them through the process. In order to make OEM campaigns more transparent and smooth, we created a new page from which users can start their campaigns. With our OEM partners: Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, iTel, İnfinix, and many more, we are able to launch Pre-Install, Preload campaigns, and access their In-device Recommendation Engines.

    Here you have it– AppSamurai’s user-friendly dashboard that elevates the user experience, creates seamless campaign launch & management processes.

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