Season Review: Our Top 5 Viewed Blog Posts In Winter -

Season Review: Our Top 5 Viewed Blog Posts In Winter

Hello everyone! As you know, we’ve embraced the spring after a rough winter season. Even if the weather doesn’t seem like spring at all in some places of the North Hemisphere, it has literally come. Actually, there are two different dates that the mark the first day of spring;
-1st March (the first day of the meteorological spring)
-21st March (the first day of the astronomical spring)
So, we can clearly say that we left the winter behind with coming 21st March and spring has come with all beauties. Everywhere is surrounded / about to surrounded with happy colors, shining sun, and lively nature. And these renewal gives us energy!
As we head into the beginning of spring, it’s often a great exercise to take a look back at what we’ve shared with you on App Samurai Blog in the past winter. In the spirit of reflection, we present our best blog posts of last winter.

100 Websites To Promote Your Mobile App

For a mobile app owner, the development process is not easy. This process requires patience and motivation. But, after the launch of the mobile app, indeed, the real challenge just begins. Because every day, thousands of new apps are released and related to that fact; users have been becoming more selective. So, there is a wild and huge competition in app markets and it is constantly getting harder to be noticed by your audience.

For this reason, developing a mobile app is not enough alone. App owners also need to make some marketing efforts to deliver their apps to the target users which can end with an action such as install, recommendation, or going viral. In order to do that, organic marketing efforts are the key to reach success.
Distribution is a very effective way to be noticed with the product. And there are some popular channels among app owners for distribution like Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Reddit channels. But in that article, there is much more! Discover all of these platforms to show up with your mobile app and boost your download.

5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2018 That Prove Mobile-First

Digital marketing efforts are irreplaceable for marketers for the last couple of years. And because of the fact that digital marketing is about technology and marketing, it is a very, very dynamic discipline and always open to change. Sometimes it is even hard to track all the changes coming from the digital world.
But every year, some innovative elements strongly dominate the digital industry. And here are the most popular and trendy digital marketing component of this year.

Voice Search: People are seeking new ways to make easier their every moves every day and voice search helps people to make searches easier from their mobile phones. For this reason, people are getting used to voice searches and marketers are changing their keyword strategies from generic keywords to long-tail keywords accordingly.

Chatbots: Chatbots are the AI solution for marketers. They are so useful for both consumers and marketers. For example, chatbots are time-savers for marketers and at the same time, consumers can reach the product/service owners whenever they want. So, chatbots are important and functional when it comes to improving digital marketing efforts.

Micro-Moments: Have you ever thought which activities you generally do with the help of your smartphone like buying a short, searching a term, navigating a place? If you have, your those activities refer to a term called “micro-moments”. While our smartphones have been becoming our personal assistant, the number of micro-moments are increasing.

Augmented Reality: AR is exactly one of the most popular techniques for mobile app development. Because it is admitted that AR is the near future of mobile marketing alongside with AI. For a detailed examination, we can take IKEA and Pokémon GO apps as an example to be inspired.

Video Marketing: Video marketing rocks on 2018 as every time. It has many advantages such as enjoyable, attractive, does not require an effort, and more. And it is proved with the statistics coming from reputable studies. So, keep creating video contents and rule the marketing world.

Influencer Marketing (Bonus): This marketing technique deserves a special attention. Because it generates WOM (word of mouth) and today’s world WOM is one of the most effective ways among marketing efforts. So, influencer marketing has always known as a weapon for marketers.

20 Creative Ways To Promote Your App For Free

As we said just before, organic efforts take a critical place on the way to success. Actually, when I success, it refers to sustainable KPIs such as retention rate, conversion rate, customer acquisition cost, and so on. In order to improve the KPIs of a mobile app, there are some promotion efforts like the distribution that we mentioned above. But, we have more.
There are lots of organic efforts app owners can implement but you can find the 20 best ways of them in that article. So, it is time to take an action accordingly!

15 Mobile App KPIs To Measure The Performance

If we talk about KPIs once, we cannot skip without going in detail. Let’s take a look at the whole process step by step; you developed an app, launched it, implemented some marketing efforts like organic marketing, and you want to gain a sustainable development after all. To do that, all you need to do is measuring your app’s performance in a detailed manner. That is why KPIs stand for.
KPIs include some metrics that you can track, evaluate and define your strategy. And you will find the most common ones you can start to track in that post.

UX Trends Of 2018 For Mobile Apps

You’ve probably heard the terms UX (user experience) and UI (user interface). They are representing the design methods in short. Especially in the design world, of course, there are always new coming trends that should be followed. Because even if you have the best game or most useful app; it doesn’t matter if your app is designed badly. So, app owners need to follow the latest trends coming from the design world.
To do that, read this article to discover this year’s hottest trends of UX and create a well-designed app that provides a unique and great user experience for your audience.

Final Thoughts

We are working to create the best, most useful and most up-to-date contents for you. And your feedbacks are really important to us. Thank you very much for being here with us, App Samurai readers!🤗
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