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    Essential Mobile App Marketing Tips for Startups In 2017


    We are coming close to the end of 2016 with so many innovative strategies in mobile advertising. For the next year we will continue to struggle with the challenges of the main overcrowded markets. The number of active apps will be higher and your strategy must be well calculated and documented if you want your money to be invested in the most suitable way. But what’s next? What 2017 will bring us in the mobile marketing domain? We will present the actual trends that will continue in the future and the leading channels that will increase your chances to reach the success. A couple of years ago, Digi – Capital predicted that in 2017 mobile apps will reach $70 billion in annual revenue. And everybody wants a piece of that. This is why we need to take a peek into what will happen in 2017 in the mobile marketing area and to discover the best methods that will assure us of the victory in the mobile market.

    Best Ways Of Mobile App Marketing in 2017

    As we already saw, we have in front of us a promising year of great revenues and interesting strategies that will lead us to market our apps in an ingenious manner. For that reason, it is a sure fact that we will fight to reach our goals. Now, it is the moment to share the best approaches for you to follow if you want to drive a successful advertising campaign for your app in 2017.

    Allocate Budget For Mobile Advertising

    We start by talking about the budget because all great results of marketing campaigns are the reflection of what you are willing to spend. Researches show that mobile advertising budgets of companies will increase in 2017 and upcoming years. This means you need to adapt yourself to paid efforts as soon as possible to reach the success your app deserves.
    One of the formats that is forecasted to reach a great expansion in 2017 is video because the visual impression will make the difference between a boring ad and an ad that delights the viewer. To allocate budget for mobile video ads to acquire qualified users.
    Because we know that you want results and you want them fast we remind you that another method which deserves your attention because it will bring you a great number of users in a short period of time. That is right! We are talking about boost campaigns. Look at the expectations for the next years and you will understand the direction of mobile marketing that already overtook desktop advertising. Since the numbers are so high you need to make sure that you adapt your strategy to the future market and to convince possible users to give attention to your app. Because you have a valuable app, you need to make it visible for your users, and boost campaigns are amazing ways to do this! Consider them in 2017 to reach the success you imagine!

    Give Importance to Deep Linking For More Engagement

    We talked about Google App Indexing (Firebase App Indexing now) and we highlighted the beneficial results you achieve if you implement this method. But, for this (and for other mobile marketing channels) you need to adopt the deep linking technique. It is vital for the success of your app that your users will land on the exact page they were looking for, not on a page with no directions for their interests. Deep linking is very useful when you want to remember your users to go back to your app. Another form of deep linking, called deferred deep linking comes handy when the target audience didn’t download your app yet. As we already mentioned, this strategy is great for both user acquisition and user retention. So deep linking is not optional when you will create your campaign next year. It will be mandatory.

    Improve Your App’s UX For Better Results

    With the whole calculations and strategies don’t forget that users’ experience is the most important. Every startup owner may consider the best marketing strategy available, but if users don’t like the app it is all pointless. As you can see in the chart below, the future trend for successful mobile apps will continue to be the attention to detail and a great customer experience. Since the first impression always makes the difference you can start by creating a great app onboarding. Keep in mind the three attributes of mobile apps that users need to sense when downloading your app: Intuitive, Interactive, and Impressive.

    Work On App Retention

    The next year seems to enforce the idea of User Retention. If you are a startup owner eager to see the triumph of your app, don’t focus only on user acquisition. We invite you to search for inspiration in our articles related to User Engagement and to pay attention to your users’ behavior. Try to understand what makes them come back to your app and concentrate your plans on that area. This point of view must be implemented in all of your campaigns, no matter if it is the end of the beginning of a time interval. This is a permanent strategy since it is easier to keep a user than to acquire a new one.

    Don’t Forget Organic Efforts

    The usual movements like App Store Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing are techniques that never go away. It became natural to make sure that you have an amazing app store page, to spread the word about your app on social platforms or to share useful content related to your app that can make a difference for your users. Keep up the good work and the results will reward your efforts. As we mentioned before there are methods of promoting your app that remain as time passes and it is essential to invest all the resources available to impress your users.

    Measure Everything

    To understand better what is the right path for you to follow, you need to discover the best strategy for acquiring new users and to engage the existing ones. In order to obtain these elements you must track all the important metrics. You need to understand the buyer personas and to draw the portrait of valuable users. But you can’t do that if you base your strategies on guessing or assumptions. Keep your eyes open and take advantage of detailed reports generated by mobile tracking tools. If you have the exact numbers in front of your eyes you will be able to distinguish the right methods that will lead you to accomplish your scope.

    Final Thoughts

    Now that we are so close to 2017, we detailed the main predictions for the upcoming year. It is important to look back to what we gain in 2016 and to have in mind the great number of opportunities that arise in front of us in the future. With the dynamic character of mobile advertising we can expect anything but there are some key points that are observed to be present in the year that is almost here. For that, you need to be prepared. Don’t miss any of our guidelines and make your product stand out so you can be proud of your work. From deep linking to extraordinary user experience, from boost campaigns to organic methods, all are available for you to bring your app in front of a great number of valuable users.

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