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Mobile Banner Ad Design Tips For Better Conversion Rate


If you are thinking to promote your brand through a mobile ad and you don’t know what to choose our AppSamurai Ad Formats Guidline can help you with your decision. In case you have doubts whether you should choose banner ads you must know that a proper use of this format will give you the wanted result for your business. We want to remove the general impression that all banner ads are annoying and intrusive. It doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s see how you can implement banner ads for an efficient campaign.

What Is Your Intended Use?

We talked about 4 Leading Mobile Ad Types before and highlighted the reasons why so many banner ads are still visible inside apps. Besides the fact that they are considered the cheapest format they are really efficient for brand awareness. Again, if they are carefully designed they will bring your products in front of potential customers. Before going into details we want to observe that big brands don’t need too much to be recognized by users. The company logo and a call to action are the most important elements in this case. For the emerging brands there are more factors that will influence the success of your ad and we will discuss that further.

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Before we start with the best practices when it comes to creating banner ads, it is mandatory to mention the official documentation about the most important concepts you need to know for developing your banner ads. So you have Banner View Concepts for iOS apps and Firebase Banner Ads for Android programmers.

Optimize Banner Size

If you already checked the above links you probably discovered by now the recommended dimensions for your banner ad. Remember to respect those requirements because you want your ad to be displayed in the best possible way. We will add two snippets here to underline the importance of choosing the right size for your ad.

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If you read the observation made by Google in the second picture you will realize that if you don’t choose the right dimension for your banner, it won’t be displayed so your work will be pointless. You definitely want to avoid that.

Keep It Simple

As in every situation when you work with creatives and design elements remember that simplicity is the key. Let’s discover together how we can impress users without cluttering the small space of banner ads.

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  • Highlight only key features. Choose only a couple of words when you want to define your product. Customers’ span attention is very short and they won’t have time to read your entire description.
  • Avoid bright colors. Remember that we want to remove annoying aspects from banner ads. It is best to choose the same color theme for your entire campaign.
  • Avoid too much text. It would be great to display less than 5 words. You are not writing an essay so keep it as short as possible.
  • Complement but stand out. Indeed, it is a fine line between blending with the rest of the background and making sure that your ad is observed. It is better to create a native design but you have to avoid the effects of banner blindness syndrome. So, you need to find the right balance between being intrusive and being invisible.

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Keep It Lightweight

The biggest mistake you can do when creating your banner ad is to delay the app loading process with promotional components. As we already discussed banner ads must impress customers in a good way not to annoy them in such manner that they will want to uninstall the app.

Concise Call To Action

One of the most important pieces of your ad is a clear call to action. People must understand what you have to offer next and what they can do to obtain that. A short and precise text that will invite them to connect with your brand has to be attractive enough and to convince them that tapping on it is the right move for them.

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Add Incentives Or Offers

If your ad is meant to present a discount or a bonus for your customers then you have to show them your incentives because you can be sure that this will influence their decision to pay attention to your ad or to ignore it. How many times did you observe a window in a store only after an offer was displayed in bold letters? This is human nature. We are all attracted by promotions for our favorite products.

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Include Influencer Marketing (If Possible)

As we discussed earlier, the recognizable factor weights very much in marketing. So, if your brand is relatively new, you can convince an influencer to add his magic power for increasing the effects of banner ads.

Trending Rich Banner Types

In a recent report published by BBDO you will find a lot of reasons to reconsider your perception about banner ads. Furthermore, with the new versions of banner ads, you can get more creative than ever.

Expandable Banners

You might think: “That’s fine. Everything sounds great but what if I want to say more about my brand?”. The answer for you is represented by expandable banners. If you convince customers with your logo or with impressive images they will click the small arrow and you will have plenty of room to tell the story of your products.

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Interactive Banners

Mobile environment is different in many ways. Users enjoy tapping on everything that appears on the screen and interactive banners will intrigue them so you can reach your purpose. In the end, they will be more willing to discover your brand.

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Let’s stop thinking about banner ads as they were the ugliest members of the family. Instead, we can fight against boring and intrusive ads of any format. We offered you various reasons to reconsider your opinion and to design friendly and attractive banner ads. You just need to be inventive and to offer your customers high-quality presentations for your products.


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