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    Mobile App Year-End Review and Looking Ahead


    Mobile app marketers and publishers have begun preparing mobile app plans and strategies for 2021. Studies continued to identify the best mobile application marketing strategies in 2020. As App Samurai, we have written for you the categories trending in mobile app marketing, the changes that should be prepared for publishers and marketers for the future.

    Year-End Review

    We left 2020 behind with good or bad. Covid-19 and the Pandemic process affected every business in some way. The mobile app marketing world was also positively affected in general and performed exceptionally well in many categories. The mobile app trends of 2020 showed themselves with surprises and giant leaps.

    We have left 2020 behind and are moving forward to find out what awaits us in 2021.

    Mobile App Trends

    New demands emerged for mobile apps in previously unused and non-trending categories. These categories often include remote working tools. We are talking about apps that serve to work remotely, especially video conferencing and VPN.

    As can be predicted, the other category that has increased significantly is grocery shopping mobile apps. Before the pandemic, shopping was an activity that took place in markets and shopping places. In 2020, these numbers started to rise rapidly, and markets developed mobile apps to meet the demands and moved their needs to apps, so 2020 numbers broke a record! Existing apps have also improved their apps for a more cohesive experience. Many companies have integrated their market and leading apps.

    • Users Have More Free Time

    Millions of people were unemployed at the beginning of the pandemic. Many industries have collapsed. When quarantine measures started, users often had no alternative but to spend more time playing games, watching video content, and on various social and apps. Users thus spent more time on mobile apps. Time spent on mobile apps in finance, shopping, and entertainment categories has also increased.

    • Organic Downloads Increased

    Organic uploads are an essential metric in mobile app marketing metrics. Organic uploads are the result of mobile app advertising.

    The most significant measure affecting organic downloads is App Store Optimization (ASO). You can get service from App Samurai in this regard. Mobile apps that update their titles, descriptions, keywords, and images have achieved good results. The apps that had criticism and were able to interact with the users attracted the users.

    Looking Ahead

    Looking forward, the critical developments in 2021 will be IDFA Changes, 5G Technology, The Next Generation Smartphones. It is useful to be prepared for these changes now.

    • IDFA Changes

    The new privacy measures Apple plans for 2021 are still uncertain. iOS 14 has been updated, but there has not been an update on IDFA changes yet. Facebook’s response on this matter may have slowed the process. Facebook said about the IDFA change, the removal of IDFA would hurt small businesses, and Facebook is launching a media campaign on this issue.

    • 5G Technology

    In 2021, 5G technology will be used more widely. 5G technology means more speed and efficiency experience. 5G will reduce latency and offer more functionality for mobile apps. The app will open up new opportunities for developers and provide higher quality for both developers and users.

    • The Next Generation Smartphones

    As a projected innovation for smartphones in 2021: foldable screens. Thanks to a foldable screen, app users will turn a compact screen into a larger screen. Therefore, the app developers should provide services in a way that can respond to these screens. It will be a considerable improvement, especially in the game category.


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