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    Mobile App Success Story: Hello Stars


    2018 has been an amazing one for the gaming industry. The year has seen quite a number of successful games dished out and puzzle games are starting to make a mark. Example of such a puzzle game is Hello Stars!
    Developed by Fastone, Hello Stars is a puzzle game that is quite easy to learn. Although the game is difficult to master, the fact that it is easy to learn makes up for that.
    Basically; players are tasked with guiding the ball from a definite start point so it can touch any star placed on the platform. Gravity acts on every object displayed on the screen, including the ball. The game’s difficulty reveals itself as you move up the levels ladder, at some point, you will have to carefully think through everything to come up with solutions to each puzzle especially when the challenges get really intriguing, asides that, the first few levels are pretty easy.

    The game provides players with a large number of ways to solve every puzzle listed. It is up to the player to figure out the best way. Hello Stars has about 200 puzzles and as the game is reviewed and updated by its developers, rumors are; a few more levels will be added soon by Fastone.
    Players are required to stay at some point on the line, drawing for the ball, as well as the stars. The game has a number of game modes for players to choose from. Each player is expected to draw objects on screen the right way so the ball could roll and get to the star at each level’s end. Creativity and a little use of physics are involved in the game as well.

    Brilliant Idea

    The game was developed with several screens and an option of different game modes The four modes of gameplay in Hello Stars include: Wormhole, Ghost, Maze and Falldown and hundreds of levels to challenge several conditions separately. Hello Stars has the following features:

    • The game features about a hundred ways to solve each puzzle; with players tasked with finding the ‘right’ way.
    • The game contains about 200+ interesting physics puzzles, which are definitely not as easy as they look.
    • A number of levels are contained in the game, with a change of level coming upon each puzzle’s success.
    • Requires deep and tactical thinking on the part of players before they can come up with a solution.
    • There is a number of challenges for players to remain transfixed to the game for as long as possible; this is the reason the game is considered “addictive”.

    How Hello Stars Did It

    Hello Stars simply requires that players use their hands to drag the impact of a black line across the screen to create a path for the red ball to touch the star or cause certain effects; once this happens, the player moves over to the next stage.
    The process of analyzing the objects listed on the screen does not only keep players entertained, but also challenges their way of thinking. The gameplay situation makes the game very educating, arranged and clean instead of the usual messy games users are used to.
    The theme song for the gameplay is also considered very exciting and appropriate for the animations within the game. The Hello Stars game also comes with a balloon, attached to a video screen that can help you share the game play’s video tutorial with friends as well as your achievement easily, using the camera icon.

    With support for iOS devices and most Android models; Hello Stars is listed on both Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. The game is updated regularly as the developer is always searching for ways to improve its features. The last update was on the 11th August 2018. With a size of about 31M, Hello Stars has over 10,000,000 installs. This large number of installs goes to show how much followership the game has been able to garner within a very short period. Hello Stars, currently available in version 1.8.2,  is compatible with Android 4.1 and above.
    The game is already making rounds in the United States and areas surrounding it. The game’s developers are currently working on ways to get the game available in Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and several other languages.

    Business Model

    Fastone, the creators of the Hello Stars game definitely leveraged on some very brilliant thoughts to come up with a game this catchy. Little wonder it has got everyone talking. Players love the fact that they can learn while having fun and Hello Stars affords them that. Here are some other concepts that make the game full blown exceptional.

    Smart Thinking 

    This is the most significant feature of the game. For any player to reach really high levels in the game, you need to think smart and fast too. Hello Stars tasks your brain. Within the game, nothing is ever really as it seems. It teaches players not to view everything at the surface level because answers to each get 5 puzzles is never really what you think. This is why a few users consider the game difficult.

    Simple Graphics

    Generally, puzzle games come with very simple layouts and graphics. The intrigue is in the gameplay no doubt but the graphics is in every way part of the gameplay. Users are endeared to games like this because the graphics seem very relatable.


    The game also has a suggestion feature on the support bar, represented using a light bulb icon for players who are not able to get the ball to reach their destination after several attempts. This light bulb will give players hints, using a drawn line. Once you trace this line, the player will be successful.

    Subtle Monetization

    Hello Stars adopts a monetization model which is very subtle. For instance, when players request for hints and suggestions, they are required to pay a certain amount of money to pass the screen or even watch the add. This money spent by players can also be used to purchase skins for a better look or more appealing graphics. There is also a number of ads within the game. These ads are very subtle as they do not freeze or cause unnecessary discomfort to players. The game also generates revenue from in-app purchases. Hello Stars also features a reduced number of free ads as there are no much complains about ads freezing the gameplay.

    Final Thoughts

    The Hello Stars game can no doubt pass for the most successful games of 2018. The game is a great way to widen your horizon, improve your strategy, gain knowledge and kill time all at once. The fact that it has several screens, modes, and really simple graphics makes the game quite entertaining. With a lot of positive reviews and several players gushing about how fun, clever, challenging and addictive the game really is, Hello Stars is certain to go places!

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