Mobile App Promotion: Is Your App Idea Worth To Invest? -

Mobile App Promotion: Is Your App Idea Worth To Invest?

We all have ideas. Our entire activity is conducted by those abstract images painted in our heads. But what if one of our ideas will rock the world? Let’s assume that you plan to create a mobile app since it is a successful domain nowadays. How can you be sure that you will reach the glory you are hoping for with minimum investment?

Why Many Mobile App Ideas Fail?

If you read any of our Mobile Success Stories you already understood that everything started with a brilliant concept which appeared as a solution to a problem. Usually, the problem was faced by the app owners during other experiences. But, sadly there are many elements which can influence the path from an idea to a great realization and we enumerate some. Maybe the answer you found isn’t the best solution to that issue, or maybe there isn’t a real concern that requires an app. Or perhaps somebody else already built that kind of app. There are cases and cases and we will place some hints all over our article to make you realize if your idea will become a viral app.

How To Validate If It Is A Good Idea Or Not

There are some questions which need to be answered in order to see if your creation will reach your expectation before investing all your resources in building it.

Is there a market demand? How Is The Competition? Start researching!

First things first, you have to discover if somebody else already thought about an app like the one you are thinking to develop.

Check The Existing Apps

Maybe this type of apps is already on the market waiting for a miracle that will bring them on top of their category.

  • App Store Search

Obviously, a good starting point is to discover if the app exists on app stores. And if the answer is positive then look at the reviews to understand what went wrong. Try to find solutions to improve the way it does the job.

  • CrunchBase

CrunchBase is a huge database with more than 100,000 companies where you can check all kinds of apps and discover the best ideas in the world. You just need to search by Crunchbase Rank.

  • Mobile Action

MobileAction is one of the best solutions to validate your idea. You will receive appropriate strategies and suggestions for your app along with the most relevant keywords to help you with the research process.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular professional network where you can find everything related to mobile apps and startups that created them. Start building your profile and connect with other people from your niche if you want to understand what it takes to build a great app.

Keyword Research

It is important to discover if people show their interest in topics similar to your idea. If there are many potential users with the same problem then you can consider building your app to help them. Some of the most popular tools that will display the search results are:

  • Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the main platform where you can count how many persons were searching for words related to your future app. If the number is higher, then you should move on to the next level.


As you can see on the front page of, using this tool will make you understand what your audience is searching for. So, it is a suitable technique to see how many potential users your app will have.

ASO Tools will allow you to find the most competitive keywords related to the app you want to create and they will provide different methods for tracking those terms. A useful list of everything you need for this procedure is provided by App Samurai.

How Do They Feel About Your Idea? Ask Their Opinion!

Good opportunities to meet people interested in mobile solutions are provided by social media networks and all kinds of tech events.

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  • Reddit Communities

You can find many subreddits that will inspire you in your decision to create your app. Those people who post on Reddit say what they are thinking so you will have a true picture of their opinions. We invite you to read our guide that shows you how to use this channel for the success of your app.

  • Facebook Groups

There are plenty of Facebook groups where you can communicate with other members interested in topics similar to your concern. Don’t be afraid to discuss with different persons about multiple solutions to the same problem.

  • Twitter Surveys

A Twitter poll is a great solution to discover how many people would download your app if you will end up launching it on the market.

  • Conferences And Events

Tech meetings are those places where you can mingle with startup owners and you can see if your idea has a solid base or it will just be a failure from the start.

How Big Is the Interest? Start Micro – Tests

There are many cases when everything starts as a big hit and after a short period, it becomes boring. But don’t lose your hope. There are also many ways to predict if things will get slow on the road.

Build A MVP

It is pointless to build your entire app just to discover if it was a good idea or not. A smart solution is to start by creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) so you can test the waters before jumping in. Take advantage of the most useful wireframe and mockup tools for sharing your thoughts about a future app.

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Make Use Of Product Websites

Product websites like ProductHunt represent the best places where tech adepts search for products that fit their interest. Check it to see what is working and what doesn’t. And if you don’t have a clue about using this platform then feel free to read our article written a few months ago.

Create A Landing Page

You don’t have to own a mobile app to create a landing page. You can do the other way around. Start with the website and try to figure out if there are many people willing to try an app like the one you are about to create. Something like Coming Soon will make them see that if they need it then you will really launch it.

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Run Small Budget Ad Campaigns

Social Media Ads don’t require a lot of money and it will help you to reach your target audience for receiving their feedback. If you ask yourself what to promote you can start with the landing page you just created. If it is a positive one then go for it and build the app.

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Is It Profitable?

Now that you reached this stage and you found a great solution to amaze people, you must think if it will bring you more than the admiration of your users.

Analyze Potential Paying Customers

Even if you accomplish your dream by developing it you still have to pay your bills. You need to discover if there is a real market for your app. Check competitors if there are any. Try to see if there are users who are willing to pay for your app. And if there are, what is the price they afford for the features provided by your creation.

Check Monetization Models

When you want to select a pricing model for your app, you can rely on our article to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. You need to know that there isn’t a general answer to all apps and you have to adapt it according to your strategy.


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So, what’s the result? We already lost you on the way or you are more determined than ever that your app is going to become a real success? Either way, it is a good thing that you took your idea through this process and we invite you to share your thoughts about the main takeaways from this experience in the comments section.


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