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    Is Your App Ready for the FIFA World Cup 2022?


    World Cup 2022 is almost here! This will be a time full of sports, fun, and user activity! Research shows that users will be highly active on:

    • Post-Install Performance Metrics
    • DAU & MAU
    • Retention Rates
    • ROAS

    The FIFA World Cup is a big chance to grab users’ attention and boost your app’s growth with the most effective user acquisition strategies. What are these strategies, you ask? Let’s dive in!

     1# Know Your Audience

    Viewers of all ages, genders and nationalities will be watching the World cup this year, and your mobile app can be the meeting point for this vast audience. To achieve this; you need to map your users based on data such as location or mobile app usage and make sure that your app stays relevant for different audiences. 

    2# Push Those Notifications

    Users will be spending more time on their mobile devices before, during, and after the game; so this is the best time to engage and to remind them of your app. Timing, correct wording, and CTA are highly important when it comes to notifications.  So keep in mind to avoid coming out as disruptive or irrelevant.

    3# OEM Pre-Install Campaign is the way to go

    A pre-Install campaign is a terrific way to create brand awareness and reach mobile users immediately. By pre-installing your app across various Android devices, you can reach thousands of customers. We suggest you don’t miss out on this opportunity to make use of OEM’s magic!

    4# Embrace a Growth Mindset

    The World Cup is a tremendous opportunity for different kinds of apps from all over the world. Your app’s growth almost has no bounds if you have the right strategy for acquiring qualified users. Establish metrics based on your needs, such as 

    • Install to Order Rates
    • DAU & MAU
    • Install to Sign Up
    • Retention
    • ROAS, and more

    Well, let’s grow your app then! 

    Countless cases have shown that AppSamurai has a tremendous capability for providing the best user acquisition solutions for mobile apps. Why not give it a shot?

    We recommend checking out the Media and Marketing Regulations for the FIFA World Cup

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