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    How to Market Your App to Millennials to Increase User Acquisition


    Millennials are the center of the best campaigns for many marketers and we are here to describe the reasons and the best methods for these strategies. But, let’s start from the beginning. What are Millennials and why are they defined as the main target when we talk about acquiring users for most of the apps? Millennials are considered people born between 1980 and 2000. After a quick math, you will realize that we are referring to young people between 16 and 36 years old, which represent a large area from students to young workers with family and kids. If we look at the chart below, we discover that Millennials totalize the biggest number for mobile app usage in every category of apps. They are the generation that takes advantage of all kinds of apps in their daily routine. We can see them ordering food, buying something or making investments using well-designed apps that will assure their comfort.

    They evolved around technology and they are used to reach their goals and to fight for their dreams. They rush all the time and they are trying to solve things quickly and if possible to complete more tasks at ones. As you can see in the Infographic below, Millennials check their smartphones 43 times a day. Wouldn’t be great that at least one time to be with the scope of opening your app? Let’s see how to attract them to install your app.

    7 Strategies to Acquire Millennials

    Millennials are relatively difficult to be convinced to download your app, but not impossible. If you are trying your best to bond with them and to be aware of their requests and their interests then you will be very satisfied with the results of your effort.

    Word Of Mouth

    When we detailed things about Word Of Mouth we highlighted the importance of friends and families’ opinions for Millennials which are constantly influenced by the people around them when they decide to do something, especially to install a new app. If somebody known is using an app then the Millennial needs to download it, as well. It is all about the trend. He can’t remain behind with anything, mainly in mobile environment. If you want to reach a Millennial member, then you may think to get closer to one of their connections. Millennials are a generation of contrasts: they like to be special, but they listen to every recommendation from the persons that share their beliefs.

    Social Sharing

    But how people will spread the word about your app so it will reach to Millennials nearby? This will happen through social sharing, of course. Moreover, your app needs to offer solutions for their problems and one of the biggest requests of Millennials is to stay always in touch with their friends. If they discover that your app is what they need, then the next step is to share their thoughts. If you play your cards right then other Millennials will reach your app page to install it. After that, other Millennials will come and so on. You are on your way to success.  To understand better this point, take a look at this situation revealed by comScore which says that Millennials’ lives are dominated by social environment. That says all about the direction on what you need to move your app for reaching Millennials’ interests.

    Creative Video Advertising

    Video Advertising is at the top of marketing strategies for all categories of people. But, for Millennials everything must be special, different and engaging. You need to be very ingenious to make them discover the opportunities provided by your app. As we stated before, Millennials are a large category to cover. You need to think about all aspects of their personality when creating an ad that will reach in campuses and in multinational companies in the same manner. Study their reaction to your solutions and change your strategy according to the results. If you want to read about best practices when creating a video ad on Social Media platform we invite you to read a previous article that can help you to be more innovative.

    Real Time Communication (Smart Recommendations, Push Notifications, 24/7 Support)

    Since Millennials take their mobile devices everywhere it is very useful to be by their side all the time. If you are aware of their needs and you jump right ahead to help them then you will do more than promoting your app. You will give them the sense that they can rely on your brand and they can connect with you for many aspects of their life. For the same reason, you can use push notifications in a wise way, just to show them your utility, not to intrude and especially not annoying them. If you convince them to enable push notifications and you send them rich and relevant content then your app is the most suited for this generation. If they encounter problems when using your app, assure them that you are all the time available to solve them. This is the only way to show them interest and to make them send you the same response.

    Develop an Appealing App 

    According to MindSea, almost half of Millennials are captivated by the functionality and the features of an app when it comes to downloading it. On the other side, you need to find a balance between great functionalities and the battery usage, because increased performances from an app is a goal for Millennials when they are thinking to install it. Because they are always on the move they don’t have time to recharge their devices, so you need to respect this factor when you develop an app for this category of people.

    Be Visible On Search Results

    Besides the connection with their friends, Millennials are spending a lot of time on the search engine for finding stuff. This is why you must invest a lot of effort to intrigue them on this side of your strategy for acquiring new users. To be featured in app stores is very hard but if you manage to appear in that list,  you will have a bonus in front of your competition. We already covered important aspects of App Store Optimization such as App Title, App Description and App Localization. Those concepts apply to Millennials too. Another response to their needs is interacting through digital marketing. You just need to start the event because they will do the rest. This is one of their characteristics that can help you with your campaign. Millennials don’t have much time to go into many details so everything that offers a great visual experience will get them interested. With high-quality effects, you will get in front of your competitors.

    Improve Your Ratings and Reviews

    Because we are talking about app store page and we saw how the words of others can influence Millennials you need to keep an eye on your app’s ratings and reviews. Any bad opinion can be a trigger for them to choose your competition so, do whatever you need to avoid or to change that possibility from your way. Test your app for every detail, stay in touch with your users to see how you can improve it and track everything to discover the upsides and the useless features that can affect Millennials’ vision about your app.

    Final Thoughts

    Many companies are building their apps with the scope to attract Millennials. They are a category that can be reached in a harder manner but with a lot of great resources to increase your success when adopting innovative strategies for acquiring new users. The conditions to accomplish your goal is to be close to them, to make your app with more advantageous features than your competitors and to make as easier as possible for them to connect with their family and friends for sharing ideas and experience.

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