Everything You Should Know About On – Demand Service Apps -

Everything You Should Know About On – Demand Service Apps


Are you often so busy that you can’t manage simple tasks like buying a gift or cooking dinner? Yes, that happens to all of us. We are living in a dynamic world that sometimes we wonder how we find time to sleep. On the other hand, these fast moves we are trying to control every day brought us to a place where everything can be solved with just one tap. Our smartphones became magic wands which help us to obtain the desired services right at the door. Well, we are not sorcerers, of course. We just take advantage of on-demand service apps. What exactly are these apps? How to build one? And which famous apps reached success with those features? Wait for a few minutes and we will put the answers right in your hand.

What Is On – Demand Service App?

This discussion requires a simple definition for a better understanding of this term. On – demand service app acts as a mediator between customers and providers of different services. Instead of spending time and effort for receiving what they want, users prefer to pay a small fee for a faster and convenient procedure offered by this type of apps. And this trend follows an ascending curve as you can observe from the study published by Harvard Business Review, where almost half of the customers are Millennials and more than 20% of users have over 55 years old. Moreover, 39% of consumers live in small cities or in rural zones. Therefore it makes sense the evolution of these apps created for solving major problems for humanity.

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Different Kinds Of On – Demand Service Apps

The same report mentioned above illustrates the spending for these services in US in different proportions according to the specific categories.


When you are all day at the office or you are so busy completing the entire list of tasks displayed in your favorite to – do app, you almost have no time to eat. Not to mention cooking a proper meal. Wouldn’t be wonderful that your lunch could come wherever you are? For this reason on – demand apps for ordering food are so useful. For example, Munchery offers a wide variety of healthy menus and even gourmet options to be delivered to your home or your office.


The core functioning of on – demanding service apps is to bring different products closer to you. So, whenever customers order something and they need it really quick, delivery apps are the best solution for them. We talked last week about the great partnership between Yummly and Instacart. For cooking one of the recipes found with the help of Yummly, Instacart was ready to send the ingredients right in your kitchen in less than an hour.


We can’t express how useful can be an app that makes it easier for you to reach a doctor or a professional advice whenever you are feeling sick. Luckily there are plenty of services which offer you this type of feature, but we name here, Heal, the app that sends the doctor to your house and prevents the unpleasant situation when you need to wait in an emergency room.


Oh, we all know how hard is to lose weight. When you decide that you have to go to the gym next Monday, and then you realize that it would be better to start on Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday and so on. But if your personal trainer would come to your living room, you would probably be ready right now for your exercises. Vint allows you to connect with fitness enthusiasts from your neighborhood whenever you want.


Do you have a very important date and you need a complete makeover? Why not saving valuable time and to receive a top stylist at home with just a few taps? This is the purpose of Glamsquad, the on – demand service app for making you more glamorous than ever.

How To Build A Successful On – Demand Service App?

If we convinced you about the need of on – demand service apps you are probably wondering what it takes to build one.

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Flexibility Is The Key

First of all, you have to tailor your services according to customers’ interests. Your app has to provide what they really need and not what you would prefer to offer them. Moreover, you have to be there day and night to support your business.

Integrate The Technology

Besides the availability, you have to implement all the required features for a great experience. Starting from a simple sign up form and continuing with messaging options and geo – location solutions everything needs to accomplish the requirements of an intuitive platform.

Set Your Pricing Strategy Wisely

It is very hard to decide the monetary value for your app, but you need to keep in mind that the price has to be lower than the services provided. Otherwise, nobody will consider using your app if it is too expensive. Additionally, you have to take into account your competitors’ strategy in case you aren’t alone in your niche.

Real World Examples

Now, let’s discover some of the most popular on – demand apps that rocked the world.


The idea of on – demand service app started from the need of going somewhere in an easy and fast way. Years ago, it was very difficult to find a cabin a crowded city, but Uber was built like a connection between users who needed a ride and drivers. The app opened the road for many other creations that followed the same path to solve the transportation issue for their customers.