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    App Samurai Feature Update: No Limits, More Functionality


    We have been working hard to make our campaign creation period easier than ever. Now you can create campaigns without an end date and without any budget limit.
    With the new functionality, we expect our customers only to set CPI(cost per install) bid, and daily spend limit or daily install cap (“Daily Installs” is calculated automatically by giving “Daily Spend” or vice versa).
    On the right hand side you can leave those buttons as they are, and your campaign starts immediately with the given CPI and daily cap. It will also run continuously until either you pause it or your balance (the amount seen at the right upper corner) is 0 or negative.
    If you like you can set an end date and/or a total budget limit by enabling necessary buttons and enter the desired date and/or budget. Your campaign will run until either your campaign’s end date or total budget limit is reached.
    You can also enable start date button and plan a campaign that will start 24 hours later or more.
    Last but not least, there is no daily spend limit as long as you have a minimum daily install target of 50. This was 100 USD per day.
    We also changed the way we use your balance. Previously we were expecting you to pay the overall campaign budget beforehand when you start a campaign. Now you can even start more than 1 campaign ;no matter how much are their budget; by only keeping your balance 100 USD and more. It is your duty now, to keep your budget safe to keep your campaigns live. As previously mentioned, when your balance reaches 0 we will suspend all of your campaigns until you increase your balance over 100 USD. We will inform you via email when your balance goes below 0 and any one of your campaigns is suspended.
    Stay tuned for our next update. Thanks for using App Samurai.

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