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How to Promote Sports Apps

12 MIN. READ Sport is a universal language that unites the world. Everyone loves to watch sports. If not live, then on television. These days, technological advancement has

Mobile App Marketing Articles

How to Promote Mobile Arcade Games

14 MIN. READ You may say gone the days of arcade machines but not arcade games. The introduction of home video consoles reduced the popularity of the 1980s

Mobile App Marketing Articles

5 Strategies to Revive A Dying App

8 MIN. READ After launching a fantastic app, you wait for the dreamed success to happen. But, after months, your app might still be a drop in an

Mobile App Marketing Articles

Best Practices of Content for Mobile Apps

13 MIN. READ With the advent of digitalization, businesses need rigorous marketing to enhance their growth for customers. However, with so much to cover and competition increasing in

Mobile Advertising Articles

Word of Mouth Marketing for Mobile Apps in 2021

13 MIN. READ In the emerging era, different mobile apps like mobile apps in 2021 show their diversified ways of engaging with their advertising. Word-of-mouth marketing is one

Mobile App Design Articles

UX Tips to Design Better Mobile Apps

2 MIN. READ According to Google, an average user has about 36 apps installed on their device and uses just 9 of them daily. Only 4% of the

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