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    3 Useful Ways to Use Quora For App Promotion


    App owners with low budget, please, pay attention! This article is for you. If you ask yourself what other ways of promoting your app are available, you will be happy to hear that one of the solutions which won’t cost you any money is to use Quora for making your app visible for your audience. But as usual you need to invest some resources in finding the right approach for Quora users. Before describing the best practices of using Quora we want to highlight that this Q&A platform provides the answer to any question you could imagine, even to the one in our title. Because it requires a more detailed discussion we will expand this idea further.

    Reasons To Use Quora For Your App

    Let’s see the reasons why Quora could be the answer when you want to attract more customers for your business. First of all, read Why Quora Exists and then understand why we believe that Quora represents a good source of users for your app.

    Stay Close To Potential Users

    Quora represents an easy method to keep in touch with your users. In the same time, this channel allows you to gather valuable information about your potential customers and to observe the way they think in order to use this data for your marketing plans.

    Organic Relationship

    We all know that using organic ways to attract users helps you to build long lasting relationships between your product and your customers and Quora is a suitable tool for this type of actions.

    Low Risk, High Efficiency

    What do you have to lose if you create a profile on Quora and you start browsing for interesting topics? Nothing, you will discover fascinating discussions and you will have the chance to talk about your app.

    190 Million Worldwide Users Per Month

    Of course, not all Quora users are suitable for your app but there are good chances to gather a lot of interest around your creation when you present it to this massive audience. You just need to focus your attention on finding the right topics.

    Access Real People From Companies

    Quora represents an opportunity to connect with experts from your domain that aren’t reachable in any other circumstances.

    3 Smart Ways To Use Quora For App Promotion

    Quora, as any other service has its own rules and you have to figure out the best way to show your app to the communities built on this platform.

    1. Content Marketing

    Posting valuable information for potential users is the right way to win their trust and to make them curious about your product. You can read all the details about this method in an article previously published on our blog.

    Search for trending questions

    If you understand your buyer personas it is time to find the topics they are interested in. If you discover their concerns then you are on the right track to build a relationship with them. Not to mention that it is a great way to validate your app idea or to discover more requirements for your next creations.

    Blend your app presentation with content

    We discussed previously about storytelling and we shared with you the reasons why it is so effective when you need to present your app. Now, going back to Quora you should know that it is mandatory to create sensational content around your app.

    Add links to your content

    If you reached your scope you will want those users to download your app. Therefore it is crucial to add some useful links, like your app’s page on the market or a landing page which displays all the data required about your creation.

    Show people that the answer is your app

    People come to Quora for finding answers to their problems. What if your app represents those answers? Then make that crystal clear and also make them understand why your app is better than other apps available in the app stores.

    Create an evergreen content

    The great part when you reach users on this platform is that you obtain long term effects. If the content posted is good enough it will remain visible forever.

    2. Follow People From Your Industry

    On Quora you will find all types of users, from unknown persons to celebrities and experts. This is why you will get the chance to discover precious information from the successful people in your domain.

    Get insights from your competitors

    It is always a smart move to take a peek at your competitors. What are their answers and what is their point of view regarding the things that happen in your field?

    Stay in the competition

    Everything described above allows you to remain competitive and to be one step ahead your rivals. Be active on certain topics related to your business and contribute to the growth of this platform.

    Earn a competitive edge with your knowledge

    Besides the fact that you will receive all the wanted answers, you can use Quora to show users your expertise and in what way you can help them more than others.

    3. Answer Users’ Questions

    After focusing on two aspects, to post valuable content and to observe the other players in your industry it is time to communicate with your users.

    Build a community around your app

    Quora is very different from Reddit since you are free to promote your app if it is relevant for a specific topic. Proving that your work is useful for a big number of users is definitely the key to a successful strategy.

    Show Them You Care

    Helping your users should be your priority when you post your answers on Quora. Show them that you understand their concerns and you are there to share your solutions for solving their issues.


    Quora isn’t only a network where you can find the answers to all your questions but the platform itself is the answer to your permanent question: Where can I promote my mobile app? Now, build your profile and start asking and answering questions related to your niche. You will be amazed by the results.

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