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    3 Mobile App Marketing Lessons From Kim Kardashian


    Kim Kardashian, is one of the most popular members of one of the most popular families in the world. With more than 147 million followers on Instagram, and millions more on other social media platforms, she is reportedly, one of the most prominent social media figures and frequently appears on Time’s magazine’s list of 100 most influential people. Contrastingly, Kim Kardashian’s and her sisters’ apps have been referred to as “dead” by Techcrunch and they decided not to release any update in 2019. However, her app has received over 10M+ downloads from Google Play, and has a high rating of 4.5 stars on the App Store. So, we will be looking into three key lessons all mobile and app marketers can learn from Kim Kardashian, including her app marketing, mobile marketing and monetization successes.


    In App Store, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has 104.6K ratings and the average is 4.7 out of 5. This shows us many users liked the app.

    Keep Up With The Mobile App Marketing World!

    The first lesson is to keep up with mobile and app marketing trends of the app and mobile world. The marketplace, your audience and especially the younger, tech-savvy generation are constantly evolving. Thus, your product, content and value-proposition should be constantly changing to meet those needs. Yes, easy to say, and an obvious point, but very difficult to execute. An example of this, is that her app was compatible with smart phones. This might seem like a cheesy mobile and app marketing ploy; however, she was actually catering to her demographic, which is mostly a young demographic, which are the largest owners of wearable smart-technology. A recent study by showed that in 2015, 24.0% of people aged 25 – 34 had a wearable smart-device. They estimated that this year, that figure will increase to 38.0%.

    Whether it was coincidence, or a careful aligning of product-compatibility according to her market’s technological use, either way, Kim Kardashian’s audience are more likely to use smart watches than other demographics, and her app was available on that device! Simple.

    Know Your Mobile or App’s Audience

    Kim Kardashian has always excelled in knowing her audience. Kim Kardashian is aware that her fans don’t expect her to solve world peace, or develop bio-technological methods to cure cancer. They follow her, for her antics, lifestyle, aspirational qualities, and of course, her fashion! Her app delivers this experience, as users get to immerse themselves in such a world. Additionally, Kim Kardashian has monetized  the most attractive elements of her game according to her audience’s desires: exotic and rare pets, decorations, speeding up certain events – so you can become a celebrity faster – these are all available with in-app purchases. Whilst it is important to monetize your app, it is important to choose the right monetization strategy that really offers the most attractive in-app purchases to your audience, at the right price point. Again, this all comes down to having the right app and mobile marketing strategy to suit your audience.

    Engage With Users Through the Right Channels

    Again, this related to the above point: know your audience – when do they sleep, what do they like, what social media channels do they use, what devices are they on? If they’re mostly from developing countries, and are 19-25 years old, then you might want to reach them on mostly mobile, and have your images converted for quick loading time, as they probably have older phones. Are your customers above 50+ from mid-western America? Then they’d probably like more use of traditional media than the younger generation. Kim Kardashian has connected with her app’s market through the channels they use: Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

    Whether it is your cup of tea, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has reached some successes, such as its rating, store positioning, number of downloads and effective monetization strategy. Additionally, according to Forbes, Kim is worth $370 million and she was ranked number 26 on the list of Forbes’ Highest-Paid Celebrities. Some might argue that her rise to success did not enlist any strategy or intellectual effort, others argue that she is a modern-day mogul. Whether her lessons are accidental or intentional, they are certainly worth applying to your app or mobile marketing strategy for your own mobile and app marketing success. 

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