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    20 Ways to Promote Your App For Free


    For any business in this digital and technological era, applications are a must. Gone are the times when people used to turn on their desktops to surf through for anything. Now, people have a smart device in their hands on which the whole world operates. No matter you want to order food, book a ticket, get some unique ideas, or learn a new skill, the mobile phone in your hand is all that you need to pick up to get access to almost every business running around the world.

    Most Effective Tips For Businesses to Market Their Application

    Considering the immense and continuous usage of mobile phones by users, businesses have started working more efficiently on their mobile applications. However, in an era where there are many applications to pick from, how will the user reach out to your application specifically?

    If this question often arises in your mind, then the following article is a comprehensive answer to the question “how to promote an app in 2021?” So, go through the blog thoroughly!

    • Communicate and then Build Your Application:

    The moment you include your customers in your business, that is when they feel connected. Therefore, when you plan to work on an app for your business, start by sending some emails to your clients and ask them to take some time out for the survey, in the survey, including questions regarding the application, prior to its development. The idea has two benefits: The first one is that you get to build a bridge through communication and promote your app this way, and the second is that you cater to the needs of the public.

    • Get Your Application On Top on App Stores:

    The audience is most likely to go for applications that appear on the top of the page. Like SEO is for the content of the businesses, App Store Optimization (ASO) is for the applications. You can get your business app among the top ones by utilizing some of the ASO strategies. Once you optimize your application as a whole, including its name, pricing, other features, your reviews, and rating will become better, leading to a wider reach.

    • Design Your Landing Page Strategically:

    Another tip to lead app stores as an application is to create a landing page that leaves an impact. Use some excellent ideas to communicate your brand’s significant features through it. Moreover, offer answers to the most commonly asked questions about your application. You can even include testimonials that will enhance its credibility among potential users. Ultimately, making the app appear on the top as search engines discover such pages quickly.

    • Make Your Message Heard:

    As much as the graphics, the logo, and the name of the application are essential and serve as the deciding factor for the audience, so does the text. If you think people ignore the description of the app, then you are completely wrong. Ensure to deliver a concise, comprehensive, and composed message that the reader understands immediately. Furthermore, check for the right keywords and the metrics of the text.

    • Start Writing Blogs:

    One thing that businesses often ignore or underestimate is the power of words. The audience wants to be guided. The viewers on the other side of the screen are all set to receive information and learn something new and interesting. So focus on the main services of your firm and begin offering some top-notch blogs to the audience. Do not forget to promote your application there, as it is your prime goal.

    • Attach Some Attractive Screenshots:

    Irrespective of the app store the users are using, the majority reaches out to the screenshots before going to the description of any app. Hence, if you want to grab the audiences’ attention and compel them to download your app alone, then make the screenshots appealing. The screenshots should summarize the working of your app along with some of its best features. You will observe a great rise in downloads by just adding some great visuals and interesting captions on your screenshots to make them understand your app better.

    • Request Your Customers to Leave Reviews:

    You see a pop-up on the applications you often use regarding leaving a review on the app store. The sole reason behind that is to see some positive changes in the algorithm of app stores. Not just your trustworthiness among the potential clients will enhance, but your overall position on the app store is also likely to improve.

    • Strengthen Foreign Connections:

    By foreign connections, it means the people who exert some influence on the minds of people. For any business, to promote its application, advertisement through different means is a must. The advertising costs to enable an app varies. However, one great way to influence the audience’s buying decision is to promote the application through a celebrity, an influencer, or a YouTuber, depending upon your target audience.

    • Make the Most Out of Split Testing:

    Otherwise known as A/B testing, Split Testing is a great way to check the performance of the application’s features. In this, two versions of the same thing are presented to different groups to see which performs better. To market, any application, split testing offers guaranteed results. So be it your logo or the description of your contact, compare the results using the strategy mentioned above.

    • Use Hashtags on Your Social Media Profiles:

    Presently, the world runs on trends that become trends by hashtags. The profiles of businesses are already strong. Even if they are not, there is nothing to worry about. You must be able to recall some random hashtags that are the reason behind the popularity of certain business applications. The most exciting thing is that yours can be next! So why not use the power of hashtags? For instance, if you are wondering how to promote an app on Facebook, then hashtags can be of great help.

    • Promotions are going to Get Your App A Lot of Attention:

    Often, when a business launches its application initially to increase its reach and engagement, it offers exclusive offers for the app users. It is a very common strategy to get a lot of reach within some time. You can introduce coupons, special discounts, a gift on the first order, or anything that suits your businesses’ needs. Surprisingly, by adjusting the promotional strategies, you can get apparent results for a new application in the market.

    • Make Use of Guest Posts:

    Apart from simple blogging, a new term in blogging is a guest post. A guest post is typically a blog that you write on someone else’s website or blog site. So what happens here is that you offer information regarding what your app has to contribute to the clients. Also, you receive backlinks to your application from the guest posts. Factually, your application is likely to make it to the top and also generate some leads.

    • Utilize Your Mobile Website for App Promotion:

    Commonly, every business has a website that is compatible with smartphones. Factually, somehow majority of the visitors on social media end up reaching the website of the brands. The benefit of a mobile website is that it offers access through the phone. This is to say that you can get the clients to get to your app by making use of a mobile app. Simply add a pop-up to the mobile website. Whenever any visitor visits your website, it will show them a pop-up of your app, and there are high chances that they will reach out to your application.

    • Offer Free Versions of Your Application:

    When you search on the app stores, you will discover that some of the most high-rated businesses have also made their applications free for their users. What the free version does is gives rise to a temptation within the users to get hands-on with the application. You can add some locked features that would be accessible only when a certain amount is paid. Otherwise, you can keep the application for free use. Ensure to decide the paid and unpaid features strategically in such a manner that the user feels compelled to get the paid version as well.

    • Include Links in Your Social Media Accounts:

    Often, marketers who are just stepping into the world of applications ask, “Can I promote an app on LinkedIn?” If you too have this question on your mind, then the simple answer is Yes! You can add links in the bio of the account. Not just on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter let you attach links. All you have to do is paste the link to your application and tadaaaa!

    • Prioritize Your Users:

    Irrespective of the type of business you are running, your clients should be your utmost priority. If you prioritize them, you would be there to assist them. One of the excellent ways to promote your app and sustain your users is to be there for them. Whenever there is an app review posted or comments on your application, you must respond. It would be best if you also tackled questions smartly when answering them.

    • Get Podcasts and Webinars to Your Benefit:

    The power of podcasts is great. People are inclined towards listening to podcasts in present times. You can sign up for some of the best podcasts that your target audience often listens to and then speak regarding your business app as a guest speaker in it. This is going to grab a lot of audience to your business app if your podcast is worthy enough.

    Additionally, webinars are a popular way in present times to aware the audience about your business. You get to get in one on one communication with the potential prospects of your business. Also, you get to introduce your application and inform the attendees about its features.

    • A Demo Video Would Be An Excellent Choice:

    Undoubtedly, what a potential user might understand by your video is something that he will not get by watching even a great amount of text. So make a demo video for your business application and advertise it wherever you can. You can include what, why, and how about your application and spread it everywhere to get people to know about your business application and its features. Make sure you make a short video clip, with some voiceover or background music, with graphics that are attractive and words that are concise.

    • Build Links Via Social Media Groups:

    A great source of promoting business applications is by building relationships and engaging with a community of entrepreneurs. You can find various such groups on social media, specifically on LinkedIn and Facebook. You can drop your app link in such groups and request them to visit the link. If you join groups of some knowledgeable people like developers, they may even help in correcting your app’s flaws.  

    • Pitch to the Editors of the App Stores:

    You must have observed some applications under the Editors Choice option on the app stores. Initially, you must have thought about what the businesses did to get the applications featured here. Well, all they did was pitch their application to the editors. You can pitch your app as well to gain a lot of views, likes, and downloads from the viewers. However, you must keep one thing in your mind: the editor receives multiple entries of applications to be featured in the category in a single day. You have to decide what makes your application an interesting one to a standard that he picks your pitched app.

    The Final Word:

    Applications have become an integral part of businesses today. Even a small business has its own application to provide easy access to the audience. In such a competitive environment with tens of thousands of applications, it becomes difficult for a business to get the users to click the install button for their application. To get to this point, you must be aware of certain marketing strategies. Now that you know the best twenty ways begin promoting your application today.

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