App Marketing: 7 Email Automation Tools For Beginners

It is a real challenge to find a smart strategy for marketing your app. With all those innovative techniques that appear frequently it is very hard to select the ones that match your purpose. It is essential to take every option into account but let’s not forget about old methods that can convince users to pay attention to your message, like email marketing. There are many reasons why you should invest in this type of campaign and we detailed them before, but with automation tools you will obtain the best results. If you don’t know what to choose don’t worry; you just need to analyze our following list and to decide the most efficient solution for your business.

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1. MailChimp

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MailChimp is probably the most popular platform which offers you a variety of options when you have to create templates for your emails. Let’s discover the main characteristics that will help you to see if this tool is suitable for you.

Pros & Cons

First of all, if you are new at marketing automation you can find a lot of guides and tutorial on the site. Relatively easy to use, MailChimp will allow you to build any type of campaign: from Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to re – engaging strategies. The automation reports are very well structured, offering all the details you need to track your results including social media and Google Analytics integration. The downside is represented by their subscription plans that can get expensive when you have to scale your business.

Pricing Options

As for the prices, you can use this tool for free as long as you will have less than 2,000 subscribers for up to 12,000 emails per month. For unlimited emails and starting from 1,001 subscribers you will have to pay at least $20 every month.

Image Source: https://mailchimp.com/pricing/growing-business/

2. GMass

GMass is a special service for Gmail to send mass emails. But like any other platform it has pros and cons. Let’s discover them.

Pros & Cons

For those of you, familiar with this environment you should consider it for your strategies. It tracks opens, clicks and replies and you can work with Google Sheets. With this tool you will avoid sending the same mail twice and it offers you the possibility of setting follow – ups to make sure that your mails were opened. The problem is that the free plan is limited to 50 emails per day.

Pricing Options

Because we talked about prices, maybe you are curious to see what you need to pay for a subscription plan. The monthly fee starts from $6.95 but includes GMass footer on the emails you send and you can’t set auto follow – ups. All the other options are included.

Image Source: https://www.gmass.co/pricing

3. Drip

Image Source: https://www.drip.co/

Drip is a great solution for everything you need related to email marketing. Let’s discuss it further.

Pros & Cons

You can integrate it with every platform you can imagine and it offers you the possibility to send personalized emails, knowing how efficient are for attracting your customers. With an elegant design it offers reports for any information you need. With many triggers and actions available you are able to transform your campaign according to your interest. Sadly, all comes with a price which can become really expensive.

Pricing Options

Drip offers free options only for 100 subscribers. For the basic plan with less than 2,500 subscribers the price is $49 with the possibility of a free trial. If your budget allows you to pay this amount you should know that you have a refund guarantee if you won’t see the wanted results.

4. Sendinblue

Image Source: https://www.sendinblue.com/

Sendinblue is a very intuitive tool which offers you the solutions you need for your email campaign. We will reveal the most important aspects of this platform.

Pros & Cons

The plethora of services provided is impressive and all the categories are well structured according to your strategy. You can even target your landing page visitors for creating efficient campaigns. It offers you complete tracking reports with open and click – through data. Even though the editor doesn’t provide many features you can still have personalization options.

Pricing Options

For less than 9,000 emails per month you won’t have to pay anything but you will have limited options. If your business grows with more than 40,000 emails per month then the prices will start from $7.37.

Image Source: https://www.sendinblue.com/pricing/#tab-plan-emailplan

5. Campayn

Campayn promises great results even for beginners. Let’s see what it has to offer.

Image Source: http://www.campayn.com/features#emailDesignSection

Pros & Cons

With a drag and drop editor, Campayn allows you to create amazing messages in an easy way. It provides many triggers according to customers’ behavior and you can add Google Maps images and even calendar buttons. Additionally to segmentation options you can measure how many contacts opened your emails and also the number of clicks. It is without argue a good fit for those who are starting on the path of email marketing.

Pricing Options

In case you are wondering what you need to pay for this tool we can tell you that it is free for up to 12500 emails and 500 contacts. For more, the basic plan starts somewhere around $19 per month.

Image Source: http://www.campayn.com/pricing

6. Sendloop

Sendloop is a platform that offers solutions even for those without technical skills. Let’s talk about it.

Pros & Cons

Sendloop provides quick integration with your app or your site. It is a suitable tool for retargeting and for bringing your customers back especially in a retail businesses. You can add the desired content from your site or blog in an easy way. With this service you are able to keep your eye on your ROI. A major disadvantage is that it doesn’t offer a free option for those who want to start with a smaller group of recipients.

Pricing Options

The pricing plans start from $9 for 500 subscribers with unlimited email delivery and many other features.

Image Source: https://sendloop.com/pricing

7. MailJet

Image Source: https://www.mailjet.com/feature/tracking-tools

MailJet offers all types of services for your email marketing strategies. We will summarize the tools provided for a better understanding.

Pros & Cons

With a friendly user interface and an intuitive drag and drop editor, called Passport you will find your way to create the right message for your customers whether you choose one of the templates available or you create your own design. The reports provided offer you information about the open and click rates, unsubscribes and delivery data. With segmentation options and useful guides it could be a solution for you.

Pricing Options

If you send less than 6000 emails, limited to 200 emails per day than you can use MailJet for free. Otherwise you should pay at least $7.49.

Image Source: https://www.mailjet.com/pricing_v3


So, what is going to be? All platforms have their advantages and disadvantages but finding the right balance between your needs and the solutions offered by the tools listed above will provide you the right method for sending emails to your users in a quick and efficient way.

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