7 Clever Ways to Increase Your Mobile App Reviews

In the present era of technology, outdoor activities are almost vanished; people are leading their lives confined into houses and keeping themselves busy in cell phones, tabs and other such electronic devices. Traditional games like cricket, badminton and others are restricted now replaced by Mobile Apps games. Moreover, the communication gap is no more there with the communication Apps that even a person across seven seas reached easily with such Apps.

Why Are App Reviews Important for Your App?

Beside all these developments, it is very difficult to make every mobile App successful. The true success begins by increasing the number of users and that need many positive app reviews. As people, start using the Apps by asking their mates about its features. Or people use the App that is famous among others. Thus, Apps are the best entertainer in today’s world.  People download mobile Apps that have user-friendly features and are thriving in their friend and family circle. The best example we can put here is the WhatsApp v/s imo, user finds the WhatsApp more user-friendly which isn’t banned in any country comparatively to imo with limited features.

7 Ways to Increase App Reviews

Here are the tricky and smart ways to increase the app reviews and ratings:

Boost Downloads via Ad campaign and the ASO

The positive mobile app review assists in increasing the number of downloads. The app reviews become stronger by focusing on AD campaign and ASO. An application having friendly features is most likely to be successful by App Store Optimization as well as Ad campaign and can ultimately boost downloads.

Simple Review

The review procedure should be very simple and less time consuming. Sometimes people want to review the application, but the complex and time-consuming review, methods restrain them from reviewing. Make review procedure as simple as possible. Mention clearly where to write a review and how to rate the application. The simpler will be the procedure more likely people will make review voluntarily.

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Plug-in Feature for App Review

In need of a simple way to get the App Review then apply the Plug in the feature. Android and IOS have an easy approach to plug in the feature. Making this feature easy to use, make the App more successful as a user find it easy to leave the feedback. Appirater is a better choice for iOS apps.

Persuade Users to Give Feedback

Your way of asking users to app review is very important. Make them enjoy reviewing your application by interesting messages during the review. Show them that their opinion about the application means a lot to them. This can be achieved by replaying to their reviews. Show them that you care about their review and In the case of any improvement required to assure them you will positively work on the improvement and update the application with a better version soon. Your positive response will make them rate your application.

Give Support

Support your users to rate the App by providing them with incentives. No one hates gifts, incentives always look attractive to the users. For example, different games show the video to its user about their new addition in the games and award them with coins on seeing the video. Similarly, you can provide your user with interesting, attractive incentives on your app reviewing. This incentive strategy will increase the review rate.


Same like incentives, gamification is also a technique of increasing the mobile apps review. In gamifications reviews are earned by different promotion and contests. The application offers different discount package and cards on reviewing its application. The application users get attracted by the promotions offered and voluntarily review the application. The offers for the gift card and discount packages need not to be very big.

Avoid Inappropriate Time for Review

The time to ask the user for mobile app review matters a lot. Some common mistakes made by the mobile applications are that they ask for the review immediately after downloading of an application or sometimes the app interrupts while using the application and ask for the review. This is the most inappropriate and irritating time to ask for a review. The time to ask for the review must be appropriate. An inappropriate time to ask for the review irritates the user and refrain him/her from reviewing.

Avoid Resemblance

App monetization is another feature to look for. Uniqueness is very important to get maximum traffic or the audience. It is very difficult to make appropriate place in the mobile App in the same domain. WhatsApp v/s imo is a clear example of app monetization.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you will definitely get maximum traffic to your mobile App. Try to make the reviews strong orally as well as written. Publicity is also a way to increase the number of users. Sharing the scores of the games on social media sites also improves the marketing for the mobile App. The Candy crush saga was an excellent example of this that gathered many users from Facebook.
Go for it!

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