$6000 Free Ad Credit For Yesterday’s Students Today’s App Owners

These days, you can see many parents shopping for school. Because it is time to back to school! Remember those good old days that you have carried a school bag bigger than you or have been trying to catch the school bus. Hard but cheerful days, right!

The time is very different from our time. Everything digitalizes quickly in the education like any other area. It enriches the needs of students. For example; blackboards turned into smart boards. Or students began using tablets instead of books. The more common fact is that the majority of students have a smartphone. You know what it means, right? They use mobile apps!
As studentship covers a broad range of age, the needs and preferences of different ages are very different from each other. In order to let you reach more and more students that have a potential to engage with your app, we want to give you free ad credit!!! 🎁

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The Facts About The App Usage Of Students

When we look at the researches, students expect their colleges to be tech-savvy. They use mobile apps frequently to engage in learning activities like collaborative working, accessing academic resources, and checking a dictionary.
Generally, mobile applications are used by students in the ways listed below;

  • Learning tools,
  • Study organizers,
  • Communication
  • Navigation and transportation
  • Shopping,
  • Freeing up time and energy for study
  • Just enjoying (gaming etc.)

The students of this age (we can call them “Millennials”) are the most engaged, adept and opinionated app users of any demographic. They have interesting app usage tendencies.

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  • They are social media addicts.
  • They are prone to select more of utility apps than social and entertainment.
  • They are the most comfortable using their devices one-handed.
  • They are much more likely to put their apps in folders.
  • They often agree to accept an app’s push notification request but hate push notifications.
  • They are very comfortable paying at least a few dollars for digital content.
  • They can delete an app if its logo is ugly.

Understanding them differentiates you!

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How We Will Choose The Winners

As you know, we care transparency in our campaigns so let’s clarify our evaluation process and explain to you the path to winners.

  • First, we will eliminate the attendees who don’t meet our rules of participation.
  • We created an in-house committee to evaluate the apps.
  • We will divide the remaining apps into 10 categories for each of our committee member.
  • Our committee members will evaluate the apps according to specified criteria and give apps points according to our point scoring system.
  • After this first round, we will pick the best 10 apps and ask our committee to give points for apps according to the same point scoring system. At the end of this evaluation process, we will have the winners!
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Points To Consider

  • The campaign will end on 17th October 2018, and the results will be announced on 19th October 2018.
  • You need to use an attribution tool like TUNE or Adjust to let us show you the correct results.
  • You need to create your first campaign within 1 week after your credit loaded to your account.
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App Samurai is an AI-powered, secure mobile growth platform. Register, add your app and start driving high-quality users.